Newbie Selection Question. - "Neutral or No Brush setting?"

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I am Moding a Armor chest piece from Female toon to Male, in the process I need to delete a lot of Ruffles and Trim.

Of course every once in a while I nuke a stray Face next to the trim; np I use the hole tool to fill in.


My problem now arises that having selected that brush, how do I get back to selecting without a brush; as I am Highlighitng and Deleting some pretty large Swaths of Faces. I dont want to Fill, Pinch, ... anything else; but I can't figure out how I get back to just a "neutral Brush" so I can mark/delete and continue the mod.  I seem to have done it accidently a few times. But I honestly dont know How I've done it. TY BB.

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