Is there a way to make all clothes fit Genesis?

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Hi everyone! It is good to be here again. I am sorry I missed you all recently, as I have been quite busy. As the title to this topic suggest, I am wondering; is there a way to make clothes for other characters fit the Genesis model without buying the other shapes for Genesis? I ask because so far I can not find a wizard clothes set for Genesis (and a lot of other clothes sets too); they all seen to be for Michael, Hiro, or David. Plus, there are a lot of other outfits that I would like to buy, but they say they are for other "people" other than Genesis.
Thanks for the help, and Happy Thanksgiving! :-)


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    Clothes for the fourth generation figures (Michael 4, Victoria 4 and Kids 4) should work with AutoFit immediately - though things like robes tend to give mixed results, especially around the feet. You could make your own clone shapes for other figures, but that's the only way to get them without buying the ... Shape for Genesis.

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    So, am I right in thinking that The Mage and Celestial Mage sets both work with Genesis, even though they say they're for Michael and Hiro? All I need to do is use the auto fit tool and/or clone their body shapes? What about character shapes 1-3, and 5? Can I use clothes for Genesis made for them, male and female? And how do I clone their shapes anyway?
    Thanks again everyone! :-)

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    Hi Todd2Tall

    Clothes for Genesis,. will Auto fit to any changes in the figure shape,. .. whether that's Genesis , V5, M5, Gorilla, Troll, etc..

    Clothes built for V4 / M4 etc,,, should fit well using autofit..

    Clothes built for previous generation figures require a Clone shape so that Auto-fit can adjust the clothing from that Base figure, to genesis.

    There is a Product in the store called (Iconic shapes for genesis) which provides these older generation shapes.

    Hope it helps :)

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    You could always go back to the old way of converting clothing from one figure to another, learn to use a 3D modeling program and reshape the mesh yourself, then you can use the Transfer Utility in DS4 to rig it for Genesis.

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    Hi everyone! Thanks for all the great advice. My plan/hope is to use Genesis as much as possible so that I can tell people I did a lot of the work myself rather than just to purchase shapes, clothes, etc that were designed by someone else. Not that the many products aren't already great, because they are. I would just like to take credit for my own work as much as I can and at the same time save as much money as I can. One day I hope to learn the make everything using a program like Hexagon, Photoshop, and other programs.
    Thanks again everyone, I am sure that I will be seeing you all more often now. Happy Holidays! :-)

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