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Can some point me in the direction of how to write custom head morph INJ/REM for V4?
In the past I have used Injection Magic, it will not run no matter what I do on laptop.
It has been ages since I did this by "hand".
The only tutorial I have found is not saving correctly.

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    Which version of poser do you use?

    Scene fixer can do the job and there is a thread in Hivewire.



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    I use Poser11 and seems this only details how to create dial spun inj/rem not customs...

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    This may do better if it was moved to the Poser Forum.

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    This may do better if it was moved to the Poser Forum.



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    Here the link to Snarlygribbly SceneFixer: http://snarlygribbly.org/snarlyspace/legacy/scenefixer.html

    It's a zip file that contains a pyton script - unzip SceneFixer.pyc and place it in the Poser folder under :Runtime\Python\poserScripts\ScriptsMenu

    When in Poser click on Scipts - SceneFixer - the SceneFixer box will open - select Spawn FBM and fill in the details for your morph


  • That did help now I have the dreaded neck crumple issue in DS!

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    AFAIK, Scenefixer will not create injection morphs, it will only create custom morphs that are saved to the mesh it's used on. ** Edit - WRONG! :) But, with a caveat - See below.

    I recommend D3D's Binary Morph Editor, a stand-alone program that will create INJ/REM files, PMDs, whatever you need: https://www.renderosity.com/mod/bcs/index.php?ViewProduct=51221 (It's very easy to use and has a lot of nice options.)

    An alternate way to be able to distribute morphs, if that's what you want to do, is to export the object file and edit it to remove every geometry reference other than the vn entries (vertice normal) which will strip geometry information, but result in a distributable "morph target" file that the object's original geometry will obey.

    PS - There was a thread here recently about an issue with Injection Magic and the user looking for alternatives.


    PS - I was wrong! :) Scenefixer will create INJ/REM, but it won't create its own channels, so it will have to use the Community set. If you're having a neck group issue, maybe it either doesn't have room or the morph is conflicting with another morph that is using the same Community channel?


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