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Will there be an update for Hexagon in the near future I wonder?
I would LOVE to have "layers". This way it would be easy to work on a file with LOTS of items. I am doing a large house with ALL furniture, fittings etc. Having layers would make my life easier?


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    Pretty unlikely I think.

    Only a couple of bug fixes have been done in the past 6 years.

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    uhh, I had hoped :-)

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    You can synthesize layers using materials, groups and grouping.

    "Groups" and "grouping" are different concepts that can be confusing:

    A model can be made up of various groups such as "left_shoe", "right_shoe", etc.

    These can be individually shown or hidden as desired.

    In addition, you may also group these items together using the grouping tool, such as grouping both shoes as "shoes". With this you can still access each shoe separately and show or hide each one individually, but you can also show/hide both shoes at the same time as a collective group.

    Materials are also useful in this regard. You may apply material domains to regions of a model and show/hide them or even apply levels of transparency to them.

    In the "shoes" example, you may assign all the facets comprising the sole to the material "sole", and assign all the other facets to a material called "uppers". This way you can turn off the soles and work on the uppers without the sole hindering your view or vice versa.

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    When you group objects, it's hard to select and edit single objects within that group! And in in "Scene Tree" everything jumps up and down whenever you select an item in a group? So NOT easy and smooth.
    I know about shading domains, but I mostly use that with single objects, not a hole house with everything. Regarding colors. In my case walls have the same colors and they are the same on all floors of the house. Each floor is in it's own group.
    I am not even halfway yet. Need A LOT more details still. You can see a preview of the house here...

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