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I really messed up I think.
Got a new hard drive and installed OS10.8.2 and because I'm lazy I left all my apps on the old drive.

They all worked except DAZ Studio 4.5 which now crashes as soon as it's opened (no log).

So, in the hopes of preserving all the customization I did to my Content directory I installed D|S on my new Boot drive.
But it didn't locate my old copy and now I have 2 installs ( and CMS) on my Mac.
The Boot drive version works but has only the default content.

So is there a way to extract my Content directory from my old D|S without being able to load it?

Or should I just trash both versions, re-install and recreate my Content because I may have totally messed things up?

And is the inability to run D|S on an external drive a known bug?


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    You should be able to use the content on the external as long as you map the paths and you need. Also make sure the permissions are valid (run "Repair Permissions" from Macintosh HD:Applications:Utilities:Disk Utility)
    If you do get this to work you may notice a severe slowdown in navigating your Runtime and Content items depending on the drive and the connection type.
    I have not tried the eternal drive solution and I'm not running anything past 10.6.8 (for DS anyway) so it could be a bug.

    Not to bury you with a possible flawed solution but this *might* help, I wrote this as it applies to DS but it could be for lots of other things too.

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    Thanks for the reply Strat- I ran Disk Warrior before and after the OS8 install so that's not the problem.
    As it turns out the problem is with the Registration screen - just canceling the screen and D|S 4.5 works just fine on my external drive and since all my content is also on the external drive there's no slow down.
    Thanks again!

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