PoserPro11, Mac OS Sierra and the iMac Retina

Poser used to open in Low Resolution - you had no choice - but now you can open it in High Resolution.

And there's a problem. It's to do with the Preview when you open in HighRes. You can choose SreeD or OpenGL (I usually have Poser set to SreeD); if I choose SreeD then I cannot select any body part with the selection tool; which means I can't move anything I want to with the mouse. I can move parts if I go to the menu and then use the parameter dials. No such problem with OpenGL.

The solution is to open Poser in Low Resolution.

You can use SreeD or OpenGL and everything's fine. Which is rather daft when the HighResolution is meant for the Retina iMac which I have.

I look forward to the first patch ...


  • OK; it's officially not a bug. SM support have explained that SreeD is for those who can't use OpenGL and that OpenGL is better. SreeD is also not designed for use with Retina. So, all in all, you're ok on Sierra with full resolution and using OpenGL. If, like me, you don't like the heavy shadows in OpenGL Preview then you can always switch full res off and use SreeD. I had another run with Sierra earlier today and everything seems ok, though note that I don't yet use, and haven't checked, Face, Hair, Cloth and Set-Up rooms. If you need them, then I suggest you get yourself an external drive, stick Sierra on it, and then check them and report back. The SM support fellow said they'd found everything running smoothly.

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