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Is there a way to make the sequencer jump straight to the selected object in the hierarchy or to only display selected objects and their children? It’s becoming quite frustrating to select an object/bone and then have to scroll down the hierarchy to find it just so I can move some key frames around a little.

Any help would be appreciated

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    In the sequencer, there's a couple of options,. to filter non animated elements, or show only NLA tracks, etc..
    but generally, ....although it can be a PITA, ... it's better to have access to all the animatable parameters than to Not have any access to individual elements and be able to animate those if you want to.

    If you switch to the Graph editor, instead of the normal sequencer view,.(see pic) you'll only see the item you have selected,.
    but,.. depending on what you're animating, it may not be the best view to work in. as you may want to see more than one set of parameters while you're working.

    Hope it helps :)

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    I have worked with Carrara for such a long time, but I never noticed this "hide" options :red:

    Thanks for this information.

    Kind regards,

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    Yeah Andy, Thanks!
    I am one, whom agrees that is IS nice to be able to have access to all of that as a default view, as I am often animating all sorts of different aspects. But now, know about those "Hide" functions, I may just have to dabble around with that - the Graph editor too.

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    While we're talking about the Graph Editor - is there a way to quickly change the scale of what you're looking at? For instance, a parameter might only show you from .01 to - .01 to start with. And you have to manually nudle the square keyframe up to .02, then .04, then .08 and so on, until you finally get into the larger values. I sometimes will set a few parameters that I know I'm going to want to animate - smile, eye brows up or whatnot - in the parameters tab on the right, setting one key at 0 and another at 1, that way I quickly have access to the full range. But didn't know if there's a simple way to do this from within the graph editor itself.


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