The Mad Albino --- an old freebie NOW UPDATED!

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After a very warm response to 2005's original Mad Albino texture, including an Honorable Mention in the Monster Mash Halloween Bash contest (thank you, Lord Ganthor!) I decided to go back in and update it. The same sleek low-res textures are there, with a few updates.
Download it today on ShareCG!

New in this release:
* Expanded UniMAT support, including dphoadley's PosetteV3 and P4DukeM3, and StudioMaya's MD_Boy (M3UV version).
* Brand new eye, transparency, and genital maps for Gen3 males.
* Blank UniMAT templates for your own textures (a MERCHANT RESOURCE!)
* Separate MAT for conforming genital figures (M3, D3, MDBoy).
* Now in Runtime structure so you don't have to chase the files down.

All images are my own original work, and I retain copyright on them. Do as you please with your renders. See the Readme for more details.

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  • Lord GanthorLord Ganthor Posts: 592
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    This is pretty cool! It just goes to show that there's still some life left in old projects. I've only had the chance to try it out on Aiko (see below) and it works pretty well. However, when I apply the mat it does ask for the Albino texture. I think that there's a / missing in front of the .jpg texture file is all. That's easy to fix. Note that this render was done in Studio 2.5 and not in my native Bryce habitat, making it somewhat problematic. I never have gotten the hang of Studio lighting...I'm looking forward to using this texture on other figures and seeing what I can come up with. Thanks!

    Y'know, if you should get really brave, something like this would be very useful for V4...Tall order, I know...but I'm not that brave...

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  • TallulahdahlingTallulahdahling Posts: 387
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    Thank you, Eustace! That's terrific!

  • Eustace ScrubbEustace Scrubb Posts: 2,661
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    You're welcome! Feel free to use the UniMAT blanks to upgrade as many skin sets as you need: that's what they're there for. I also recommend this tool to expedite the process.

  • Alisa Uh-LisaAlisa Uh-Lisa Posts: 1,308
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    Very cool !! Thank you :)

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