Modelling a shirt - starting points?

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Hello everyone - now i've got my model looking presentable with shorts I am looking towards starting with a T shirt for him.

I attach my viewport for your perusal, but I am already wondering how to get the seams for the arms to look and move correctly with the model.

I want to have s short sleeved shirt with a collar on it - maybe even a small cotton white hood on the back.
I want the sleeves to have a turnup on the end and a proper collar on the neck, opened for the top two buttons.
Buttons??? Oh dear - i've not even thought about those yet - later later...
I would like the shirt to have a check pattern - but have the material matching on the seams of the arms and torso.

BTW ignore the rendering on the manekin, the uv mapping to the texture has gone awol somewhere, but it's not important - he's just a model.

Should I shape the joint with the sleves straight or rounded/slanted or what? I don't want to have the figure looking square shouldered when I pose it.

Thanks in advance


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    One of the very best clothing tutorials I've seen - very detailed in ten parts, starts here

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    Ahhh! Thanks for that link - i'll look at it later today - I've just realised it's 4.30 am (again) and I've a neighbours wedding to go to in 6 hours. Best get some shuteye!

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    Ok - i've followed the tutorial for creating a peter pan shirt - torso section, but the problem hereon is that the sleves will not look right if simply stretched from the torso cloth.

    I am thinking ahead to when I want the cloth to be textures in an open tartan colour - so the sleves would have to somehow be textured seperately.

    How would I build the sleves seperately and then texture seperately once they have been welded on to the torso section?


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