How do I provide user with different options for clothing?

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I have happily created a pair of shorts - see below...

Now I would like to be able to give the user in Daz options for changing the materials
Lets say White shorts with black bands - or red bands and yellow shorts.

How can I provide either changeable parameters in the parameters tab or even different material sets such as predefined colour sets?

I know this is a Daz question but I've developed these in Hexagon and assume I have to make changes from here for material sets...



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    No. the materials setup, after a 'base' material is assigned in the modelling app, is handled in Studio.

    And that is done through the Surfaces pane and the saving of presets.

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    Not sure if I understand correctly what you are trying to do as it looks like you've done it already. If you select the shorts and create a new material, say blue, call it shorts and give it a blue colour. Do to same for the trim. If the white line at the bottom of the shorts is part of the object you can use shading domains, select a few faces and use the loop command, add a new shading domain, give it a name. This will create a new material, name that and choose a colour. If you find that you want to add the same colour to a different part of the object choose the faces and press the plus icon on the shading domains tab.

    When you export the obj file it will be saved with the material names which will be displayed in the surface tab. CreatePoserMS is a script which allows you to save the materials you have created, along with a thumbnail. If you need help with CPM feel free to drop me a PM.

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