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This is where we enter our entries for the RRRR What does it mean? render contest.

Please obey the simple entry guidelines as they make setting up voting much easier. 

First you enter your Tag and the entry number.

Second you enter the name of the entry, and up to five lines of text explaining the entry, if you like. Those explainations are specially important in the funniest category.

Then you enter the image, simplest way is to copy the link from the entry in the main thread and enter it here.


Tag: JackT#001

Reliant Robin Roundabout Racing

I did try this once, after nine circulations I fell over and that was the end, but I did win!



  • Gopherus #1

    One Frog Too Far

    Danika, a founding member of the ROFL Rasty Rana and Ray Sniffing Society (RRRRSS), has finally met her match.  She is about to reconsider her favorite saying... "I ve never met a frog I didn t want to sniff"

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    Tag: Lyam#1

    Red Raging Rollicking Retribution

    Throw sniveling slimy sleazy account hacking identity thieves into pits of unearthly torment.  BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

    This one is for Ken, wishing him the best as he goes through a troubling ordeal.
    Castle Corridor Environment set, courtesy of Code 66


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    tag: luci45 #1
    Rappin' Robby's Rustic Rubble Restaurant
    In spite of the perpetual, devestating inter-species wars on Centuri 6, Robby and Joanie, with diligence and determination, opened daily six days a week for lunch and dinner. 

  • Gopherus #2

    Woman Overboard!

    The Rho Rho Rho Rowing Sorority (aka RRRR or Rho Four) was founded by Atalanta after her defeat of the Calydonian Boar,  The Calydonian Boars formed the Tri Delt Rowing Fraternity aka the Trollers.  Now every year they hold a rowing competition.  Rho Four has adapted the strategy that every time the Trollers pass the Rho Fours a virgin plunges over the side.  The Trollers stop to rescue her, giving Rho Four the lead again.  Rho Four has never lost but the hard partying Trollers don t seem to mind.

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    Totte #1

    Rapid Rebels Resting Resource Service (RRRRS)
    If you feel tired, exhausted or just need a some urgent rest, dial RRRR-SNOW-247 and we will come to your rescue!

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    Linwelly #1

    Title Rushing Rubbish Rascal Rental
    After that night she was glad to remember the number of the Rushing Rubbish Rascal Rental. The man was there really fast and took care of all remainders of the last night. The only disappointment was that he didn't cara about her efford to catch his attention. When she asked for the thong lying on the floo he just haded that over and went on with his work



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  • Gopherus #3

    But Can He Speak Bocce?

    The Rolly Roger Arrrh! Recruiters LLC (RRRR) is a start-up company providing temporary workers to the discriminating pirate.  But even so they sometimes do make mistakes.  "I don't need someone who can move his bootie, I need someone who can move my booty.  I need someone fluent in Bocce the binary language of load lifters."

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    tag: luci45 #2
    Restless Ricky's Rairaiken Romance
    Ricky hopes he has found true love again, but Yoon-Ji is not impressed by the glowing parasol that he bought from Magic Makoto. 

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    tag: luci45 #3
    Reconfigured Relative Reality Replicator
    While their parents were away Ron and little sister Rachael thought it would be fun to modify the family's boring "holodeck" (virtual reality generator.)

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    Tag: Chanteur-de-Vent #1

    Title: Radioactive Rechargable Raving Runners

    After the new generation of vampires rebelled against the old habits, they forced a scientist to make a serum that would make them invincible to the daylight. To stop them, the son of the scientist who made the vampires day creatures developed a weapon against them: The Radioactive Rechargable Raving Runners (RRRR). The new species had radioactive blood, but could recover from a vampire bite by recharging themselves using a build-in transplant. Being completely crazy and fearless, they would run around luring vampires, thus tricking them to drink radioactive blood and to die soon after their feast due to poisoning with radioactive silver. Every vampire knew they were doomed when they saw their prey glow with purple light, meaning this time their victim was an RRRR, and it was recharging.


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    Tag: Totte#2

    Reckless Rhino Riding Racers

    In an attempt to save the Rhinos from extinction and convince certain cultures that Rhinos are more than non-working viagra on four legs, someone came up with the idea of Rhino Racing, what a success!

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    tag: barbult #1

    Ravishing Redheaded Referee Rex

    Rex sped back and forth on his R75 Motorcycle to referee the couples volley-soccer game on the beach.

    RRRR Ravishing Redheaded Referee Rex.png
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    Tag: barbult #2

    Rising River Ruins Rembrandt

    Run, Rachel! Rescue Rembrandt!

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    Tag: barbult #3

    Relaxing Rest Retirement Retreat

    Second Childhood

  • Gopherus #4

    Romany Rhonda's Reflection Recovery

    A boutique business located in Transylvania.  Vampires cast no reflections in mirrors.  Which makes it hard for them to apply make up or check themselves out before leaving their caskets when going out for a bite.  Fortunately Rhonda has found a way of locating and retreiving the missing reflections.  Now that the news has spread by word of mouth, she should do well!

  • Tag: Chanteur-de-Vent #2 

    Title: Reception for Registration of Rehabilitated Recycled Souls

    After Heaven and Hell started to get to full, and overpopulation on Earth didn't promise any prospects on the problem solving itself, a coalition was formed to rehabilitate souls and recycle them for a new life on Earth. To make sure the amount of admitted souls was equally well chosen from the Heaven-accepted ones as well as Hell-bound ones, a Reception desk was formed, where the candidate souls (pre-selected by God or Satan) were directed to be judged by a mixed neutral jury. 

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    tag:luci45 #4
    Relentless Reckless Rescue Raiders
    When Waldham Woods creatures begin disappearing the fairies discovered that the animals were being trapped for export to other planets by Pan United Interstallar Corporation. The fairies initiated resue raids with very little planning (as they are very emotional but not real bright.)  Their second raid would have been their last had they not received help from long-time Pan United employee 'Woody' Woodman, who had been cut from Waldham Woods many years past.  Woodman, who then lost his job (three months before retirement), said he felt his sap rising and felt he had no choice. 

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    Gopherus #5

    Heat Wave

    Les Ponts private school is famous for teaching the 4 R's - Readin', Writin', Arithematic 'N Rifles.  Then came the summer when the class learned about the extinction of the dinosaurs.  Outside temperatures hit 117° F and the air conditioning went out. No one was surprised when Mrs. MacGillacuddhy brought a squirt gun to show and tell and the whole class got to cool off while hosing down the dinosaurs in simulation of an icy comet.

  • luci45luci45 Posts: 2,400

    tag:luci45 #5
    Ryan O'Rourke's Raucous Rousing Renditions

  • luci45luci45 Posts: 2,400

    tag:luci45 #6
    Rio Revisiting Revived Ruins
    When the revolution ended and folks had tidied up, Rio left the safety of Newtown to resume her Saturday morning visits to the Old Town flea markets.  

  • GopherusGopherus Posts: 974

    Gopherus #6

    Red Roser, Red Roser, Let Bouquette Come Over!

    Bouquette was so pleased to be allowed to join the Red Rose Fairy Circle, that sitting in the snow didn t even bother her... well maybe a little but what could one expect from a muggle. 

  • MelanieLMelanieL Posts: 5,832

    Title: Rosemary's Restaurant for Retiree Restoration

    The elderly folk loved taking the bus trip to Rosemary's Restaurant, because her special refreshments always left them with a spring in their step.

  • MelanieLMelanieL Posts: 5,832

    Title: The Richardsons: Romantic Regency Rovers

    The intrepid Richardson sisters enjoyed travelling the world. Everywhere they went they found something exciting to see and somewhere special to stay.

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    Gopherus #7

    A 'Raith a'Round, A Round, a'Round

    I know you want to play on the carousel your father bought for you, but you have to wait for him to finish his round of Car Polo.  You must understand that men must have their games.  Just be patient!

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    tag:luci45 #8
    Round and Round Rapid Riders

  • luci45luci45 Posts: 2,400

    tag: luci45 #9
    The Readheaded Randlophs Redoubtable Reconnoiters
    Poor Ricky and Riley can't sleep in on the weekends when mom Rhonda, a serious shopper, drags them along to early morning shopping mall visits. 

  • GopherusGopherus Posts: 974

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    Recently Rescued Roustabout Roasters

    No, no, no!  I said that I wanted to get a tramp steamer.  Not that I wanted to get a tramp steamed up!!

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    Tag: Totte #3

    Reenacting Retired Railroad Runner

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  • AtanaciusAtanacius Posts: 333
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          (can't?) Refusing Revealing Real Repulsion

    =============== STORY - START ===============

    Victoria is know as a snowflake maiden that lose her fantastic hair against a rogue hairdresser she paid for a simple haircut (this is 1 day ago!).
    She was sad to not having anymore any hair on her classy head..
    Therefore, she can't waiting for new haircut since the problem is, as a maiden, she must help ANYONE that need help.
    It's a stone vaudou stranger that needing for help this time: she want that Victoria do some travel to some stone vaudou babies.
    Victoria must accept and so..
    She must completely forgotten to purchase some perukes..
    Then.. as fake new hairs she's taking the Alien Plant trophy on her desk and put it on her head with some glue!
    She now are weird but at least, she now have some hairs to wear..
    Then, she's going to the people that called her for help !
    The stone stranger tell her the help is simple, "Keep babies and make them take a walk."
    She's telling him that she was okay, and the stone stranger was gone just 1 minute after.
    But.. WHAT A SURPRISE!??
    When she's take a look to the pram where babies lies.
    She discover the "babies", she can't help herself to let escape a "WTF?" reguarding theses strange babies..
    And then started to ask gods WHY SHE MUST HELP THOSE... THINGS.. AND THEIR WEIGHT.. As heavy as stone.
    Gods aswered with a Snowy rain... and now, she's stuck in snow, with strange babies and ... without real hairs!

    WHAT A LIFE for our Victoria as a Snowflake maiden.. Poor Poor.. Bad day and.. hum.. Well.. You can't think what she's considering from now...

    You might perhaps know that in a future contest.

    =============== STORY - STOP ===============

    PS: please, forgive my mistakes in sentences, and, for the title, R R R R was a hard exercise to find what it will fit in theses letters and IN ENGLISH. ;o

          I EDITED MY POST FOR ADDING THE IMAGE IN DIRECT VIEW (in addition to thumbnail attachment view).


    DAZ3D - RRRR Contest (Octobre 2016) - drco.png
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    Respectable Royals Rollicking Ride

    The touring royals were treated to a pre-opening ride through the Royal Natural History Museum.  Even though all the exhibits hadn t been finished.  Belle was contacted to provide entertainment for them with  her juggling.  The place sure felt drafty but the show must go on.  She was amazed at the enthusiastic response her act got... even the stuffed animals seemed to stand up and take notice!

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