Can we turn M5 in to a centaur with Geo Grafting ?



  • ByrdieByrdie Posts: 1,452
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    Has anyone tried using the new Daz horse with M5 to make a centaur? Since they're both Genesis-tech based, would that work any better I wonder?

  • SkirikiSkiriki Posts: 4,942
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    *points at midnight_stories and his piccys*

  • carrie58carrie58 Posts: 2,609
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    Okay I understand about having to have the geograft match Genesis ,but what I was thinking with the "collar/skirt thingy"was, at the half way point there would be a change so the bottom half either matched to the horse geometry ,or was generic and could be attached/parented to the horse neck ............I'm sorry it I'm trying your patience ......I don't mean to ,but sometimes I get these ideas an and until it's tried .........ya know what I mean .....
    Oh another thought would be would it be possible to map your centaur in such a way it could take either the milhorse or the horse2 textures ,because the humaniod part will be able to take the Genesis or Gen4 textures ,won't it???

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