Dystopian Worker Drone Gets a Hand Out

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Dystopian Worker Drone: Hand Out

An example that I wanted to share of a test animation that took on a life of its own.

Originally meant to show how the DWD could be used in different scales for different purposes, even architectural.
I did the scene where the "B" Supplicant gets to his feet before the "A" Priest and is presented to the "A" King. A complete improv based purely on the set that I had chosen, Dystopian Audience Hall.

As a result, one scene led to another and another, creating more questions about what was going on there until the ending presented itself.
It turned out to be quite a bit of fun and a lot of work.

Hope it is enjoyed.


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    All I can say is that was excellent. Every part from start to end. Well done, hope you are pro. You should be.

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    deci6el said:

    Hope it is enjoyed.


    Very much enjoyed, thanks for sharing.

    As already mentioned, you should be proud.

    --Walt Sterdan

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    WOW Now that is so excellent I was so impressed I downloaded it.

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    cool dude :-)

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    Great animation and sense of robot fascism.... but when the ruler was finally revealed I so wanted it to be Victoria 5 in one of her skin revealing fantasy outfits.

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    Thanks Everyone for your enthusiastic replies.
    I wish I could say it was easy. It seemed easy when I had the idea to do a single image.
    And as I animated, there always seemed to be a need for another scene to fill in the story.
    Robot fascism? Yeah, I take no responsibility for how evil or benign they might be.
    I didn't know whether to be scared or happy, I mean, the one guy got a set of hands!!! : 0
    Just what is he gonna do with them is my next question.

    I guess we all have an opportunity to come up with an answer ; )

    Thanks again for the support.
    I'll try to do better next time. lol


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    better is good - but longer would be super

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