Jennifer Connolley Tweaks for MRL Andromeda (young version)

All I did was make the face more fleshy, turn the nose up, and provide an expression which helps with shaping. The mouth doesn't need to be open.

After observing young Jennifer, her mouth is often slightly open and she has a blank look which translates to sweet and innocent.

The expression tends to make the mouth a little smaller, and the nose might be a little wider in the tip and nostril area. I hope I got that in.

Tweaks for young Jennifer:

Make sure you have DAZ Morphs ++ and MRL Andromeda morph applied. I'm not sure how urgent that one is, but do it anyway.

I used DAZ Long Story hair, but you might have better idea.

Nose flesh full .580

Face full .580

Nose tip up/down .848


Brow up-down .212

Brow outer up-down .560

Brow inner up-down -.482

Eyes squint .440

Mouth open .552

Lips part .660

Lip top up-down .448


I hope this works. I've never done this before.

Old Jennifer is also a must-have, and I'll get to it right away.

MRL Andromeda provides some expressions, but haven't used


Part 2, body tweaks-

Not usually useful if the body is clothed.

Young .228

Voluptuous .492

Heavy .236

DAZ Natural Gravity Morphs for V4 could come in handy.


jenny jenny.jpg
287 x 214 - 9K


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