Exporting morphs through FBX

hzrhzr Posts: 162

Hey there,

I am currently messing around with FBX exporting from DS4.5 to 3DSMax. Everything is working smoothly and the basic export without any morphs already leaves me with a really well bending mesh through the bones that are included within the FBX.

However, there are of course problems once you bend things quite a bit due to the lack of fix morphs. Especially on thigh/butt and elbows this is very easy to see.

So my question is, can I export those fixmorphs through FBX aswell to later on link these in 3DSMax? I dont ask for help in doing so but rather if it is possible to export them and what they would be called. Or arent there morphs for that and everything is just magnets or whatever in DS?


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