"Michael 4 for Genesis 2 Male" converting tool for use in poser 11

Hello people

I bought the "Michael 4 for Genesis 2 Male" http://www.daz3d.com/michael-4-for-genesis-2-male 
for use in poser. I thougt I can use M4 clothe on M6 now.

But after I bought it I could not find it in teh DAZ install manager, so I downloaded and installed it manaualy. But now I have no idea how I can use M4 clothes on M6. The autofit dialog doesn't apear how it is explaned on the site. I think that only works in DAZ studio, or did I installed the tool correctly? I just copied the "Michael4forGenesis2MalePoserCF.zip" to the runtime. but maybe the are scripts to run?

Has anybody experience with this convertimg tool in poser? 

best regards


  • I'm afraid AutoFit is a Daz Studio feature, in Poser you gain only yhr Michael 4 shape and UV mapping (and you would need at least one .duf format material preset for Michael 4 to apply the UV set, after which you could manually apply the textures you wanted to use if they didn't have a .duf format file of their own). If clothes conversion was your main aim I don't think this will help you and would suggest asking for a refund.

  • MorkonanMorkonan Posts: 215

    I don't use the Genesis series, so I don't know how well Poser 11's tools will work with them. But, Poser 11, at least the Pro edition, has an extensive toolset for converting, rigging and fitting conforming clothes figures to other figures that work with Poser. It's not a "one click" solution, of course, but one has a great deal more options in terms of truly customizing a clothing fitting and creating additional morphs, etc.

    If Poser doesn't have any issues with Gen 6 figure standards in this regard, then you could probably convert M4 clothing without too much of an issue in Poser 11 Pro. (I have no experience with Gen 3+ DAZ figures and only limited experience with Gen 2.)

  • WandWWandW Posts: 2,425

    You can auto-fit the clothing to Genesis 2 in Studio and save it to the Studio Content directory that Contains Genesis 2.  You can then use D3D's Dson Loader script to load the fitted clothing into to Poser.  The script can be gotten for free here:


    Once you load it into Poser you will need to conform it to the Genesis 2 figure using Figure>Conform to...

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