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Not sure if it’s just me but latinos portrait lights and Fashion lights don’t seem to be working the way they used to in Studio 4.5 anyone know if they need updating, or should they work fine and it’s just user messup?

It takes so long to render things on my machine that I hate waiting then have to change things and then wait hours again.



  • Richard HaseltineRichard Haseltine Posts: 46,168
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    Check the log file (Help>Troubleshooting>View Log) for errors at the end just after rendering. I can't recall what lights they use, I though only those included with base DS, but it's possible that something is not available for some reason.

  • greymouser69greymouser69 Posts: 483
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    The lantinos sets I have all use UE and some distant lights so it shouldn't be an issue. Of course I don't have those particular sets, mine are older.

  • ZilvergrafixZilvergrafix Posts: 685
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    are you referring to LANTIOS lights?
    "Latinos", sera algun producto nuevo de luces que desconozco?

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    Lantios does use UberEnvironment and he does use high quality settings so you need to learn about two aspects 1; Learning UberEnvironment2 and 2; Advanced Render Settings. You need to lower the quality settings of both to speed up render times.

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