3D Art Freebie Challenge – September, 2016: The Leaves of Autumn Bring Changes (Main Thread)

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Leaf Pile     The Leaves of Autumn Bring Changes     Autumn smileys



Fall Leaves EmoticonWhat does the Autumn season mean for you?     


Does it represent an end to the oppressive heat of Summer?   Are the cooling temperatures a reminder that Winter is on its way?  Is it a change from Summer Holiday to the kids starting school?  Is it simply a chance to enjoy the Autumn season with the changing leaves on the trees before they disappear completely.

Or is it something entirely different?      Autumn smileys     I would really like to know.     Autumn smileys




Freebie Challenge Rules

First prize: $15 gift certificate from DAZ 3D.
Second prize: $12 gift certificate from DAZ 3D.
Third prize: $8 gift certificate from DAZ 3D.

Any other donations for prizes will be gratefully accepted.  Please send a PM to frank0314.


This is the main contest thread, for discussion and WIP (works in progress). The Entries Thread can be found here.


Contest ends: September 30, 2016

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