clyinder Sculpty

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Is there a faster way to highlight the ends of clyinder sculpty besides just draging the cursor across
each section? Take an awful lot of time doing that.



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    Select the polygons in the middle. Hold down shift key while clicking on the plus sign on the numpad.

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    Another way is to view the cylinder sideways in ortho mode.

    With transparency on and "show backfaces" selected, drag a window across the plane that has the end you want highlighted. Make sure the window doesn't include any complete faces on the cylinder section.

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    Thank everyone for there input. I trying to learn this now that I have the time to mess
    with it. I like sail boats so Ive been trying to build hulls. I did make a scupty of a Horizonal Stablizer
    of a B 36 Ive playing with and was very disapointed how wrough the surface looked compared
    to what it looked like in Hexagon. I did make it bigger trying to get it closer to match the size
    of the aircraft which is made up of prims and scupties. Im wondering if it would be better to
    make it samer and then enlarge it when i get it in world.

    If anybody knows of a video showing a hull being made I sure would like to have a link to it.

    Thanks all for the help.


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