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ok so i was reading the licensing for hex , Bryce and daz studio and i have a question they have all this stuff about there models but what if i make my own and use them ? are they daz models ? here is that i want to do i would like any help i can get I'm making a indie game i wanted to make my own models and terrain with hex and bryce and animate my models with daz but I'm not sure about what i can use if i make my own models do they get a percent and if so how much ? can i use there textures for skin? if i make my own and use them are they considered daz's?

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    I think if you make everything yourself, it is yours. DAZ cannot ask some percentage just because you did it with their software. You cannot use models bought at DAZ in games without a game license, but if you create the models yourself, that´s another matter.

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    license is free for commercial? ( too good to be true )

    hexagon license

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    It can be found here

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    sorry for double post

    daz license from site

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    It's the same as any 3D program. Anything you personally create within the software is yours, you alone own the intellectual rights to something created solely by you.

    It's only if you modify someone else's work, then copywrite's need to be considered.

    It's why you own the final render from Daz Studio, but not the models you've purchased to create the scene.

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    gammasg said:
    but what if i make my own and use them ? are they daz models ?

    Yes, but...

    There are two different things here, "models sold from the company DAZ3d" and "models created by you in a format DAZ|Studio the program can read" — both can be called "DAZ models". The difference is important, and mixing them up will be confusing. The first are covered by the licence agreement, and the second are completely yours and you can do what you want with them.

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