Daz Genesis - Gen 4 Hair problem

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Hello there folks
Query time!
Anyone encounter the same problem when using Generation 4 hair i.e. hair designed to work with Victoria 4 with Genesis, which is it seems to 'forget' the movement morphs. I've treid re-injecting the hair with the inj poses again but nothing happens.
Any idea....I was hoping to try and use Gen4 characters by the way of Gen X but it I have to purchase all the hair specifically for Genesis then I'm not going to bother...

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    I know,, some hair said it has compatibility both generation 4(v4) and genesis about ( it offered as two sets for genesis and original figure)
    but somecase , genesis hair do not have morph. on the other hand, oliginal has many adjusting morph,,,

    If I read again about description of the product, it may be indicated, (eg about xxx.dsf for genesis has not morph for genesis,,etc ,,
    I stop complain ^^;)

    so,, I used transfer utlity and import just morphs from V4 hair to genesis hair. if I want.

    though transferd morphs may not perfectly work. I think. but it can help me setting the hair for genesis character.

    then I got advice before, , from other kind forum member,, sometime it work
    better, just parented the hair figure for V4
    to genesis. I can use all morphs which the hair have with no difference.

    though need to adjust scale by each node correctly,(x, y, z, about head scale of the hair for fit to genesis)
    when you parent the hair to genesis (or characters of genesis)

    and about generation X, it transfer character morph for other generation figure, to genesis.
    d you can save it as new morph for genesis. ( it may work well about manycase, but I do not know)
    so I think it can not transfer hair morph or clothing morphs.

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    Thanks for your reply but the problem was simpler to solve.

    The hair was a cr2 file with injection poses...
    for anyone else experiencing similar problems, export the hair cr2 with the injection poses installed. Then reload the cr2 and apply it to Genesis

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