new version of the mcjCollider plug-in for DS3-PC 32/64bit - and a poke-through fix script

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download and manual

this plugin for DS3 is meant to be used mostly by script programmers

but clever users can also put it to good use !

i added a small script which can create a morph to push-or pull a face

which, yes, is a way to fix poke-trough with great precision


this new version also will not crash daz studio
- when one of the collision candidate nodes is removed from the scene
- when one of the collision candidate nodes is converted into a subD surface

the new version identifies the face of the collided-upon object that was hit

for example: blAiko3_72712 rButtock 1 662

means the 662d triangle of Aiko3's rButtock mesh was hit


in figure 2 you can see the white line is the mcjCollider which collided against Aiko3's skirt

in figure 3 you can see a morph channel named "face27" was added to the skirt

and it was used to pull face 27 of the skirt out of Aiko's body

in figure 4 another face ( 29 ) was pulled out

figure 5 shows that, yes fixing poke-trough is nice, but better skirt rigs are needed

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    Awesome! I can't wait to try this!

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    Will this work in DS4 also?

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    ragaray said:
    Will this work in DS4 also?

    for now, no it wont work with ds4 because it relies on a plugin for DS3 which really doesnt work with DS4 DS4.5

    but i'm in the process of getting ready to write plugins for DS4.5

    and the first plugin i will make is probably this one


    unrelated image, aiko wearing a collision suit

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    Thanks so much Casual. Your work truly amazes me!

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