Designing clothing, but some of it crumbles when morphed

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I am working on a clothing package for Genesis and it's going fairly well, but two of my items experience crumbling or crinkling when morph dials are applied. The hat in the picture below seems to become misshapen when I apply the BasicChild morph, as well as a few other extreme morphs where height is changed. However, it does not crumble when I apply the HeadProportion morph. Also, a pair of shoes I made work great so long as you don't apply them to Michael 5. The crumble on him but no one else (unless there is a bit of Michael 5 dialed in). I really want this product to work with M5, more than anything else, so I am frustrated. Is there a rigidity setting that can be applied to things like hats and belts and shoes, but still allow them to be re-sized or morphed enough to fit the character they are applied to?

I would really appreciate any answers from the experts. I would also consider sending the hat with metadata to someone knowledgeable (another vendor) for testing to see if they can help.

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    When this sort of thing happens you need to use a rigidity map or create a custom morph. Since the whole thing needs to be rigid in this case I think a custom morph (instead of the one auto-generated by DS) is you only option - though a smoothing modifier applied to the hat may help, if it doesn't destroy needed detail.

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