Aug 2016 New User Contest "General Render" (Entry-Thread)

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New User's Contest - August 2016

Sponsored by DAZ 3D and OrestesGraphics


OrestesGraphics is offering 1 product to each winner in this month's contest.


Are you new to the 3D World? Are you at the beginning stages of learning 3D rendering? Have you been around for a little bit but feel you could benefit from some feedback or instruction? Have you been around awhile and would like to help other members start their creative journey? Well then come and join the fun as we host our newest contest...

"It's all fun and games (until someone loses an eye)"


This month's contest is a general render contest (based on a having fun) where you should focus on the different aspects of 3D that you have learned so far. For information and help, take a look at in the previous contests that you may have entered. This whole theme is to have some fun with your renders as well as practice the skills that you have been learning over the previous months, so have fun and show us what you can do.

I will be checking in on the WIP thread, as will the rest of the Community Volunteers, to try and help with anything you may need, so feel free to ask questions there.


For a list of the current contest rules, please see this thread : Contest Rules

When working on your submissions, if you would like to get feedback as you work or before posting your final image, please post your image to the WIP thread. People will be popping into the WIP thread to give you some critique and advice on your entry and help along the way.

Please keep all comments on entries in the WIP thread as well, because comments or requests for help/feedback/advice will be removed from the contest entry thread and merged into the WIP thread. This entry thread is only for posting final contest submissions.


For those veterans of the forums that would like to help, because this contest is designed for the beginner to learn from, we will be randomly selecting posts offering helpful tips and/or critiques to receive a special voucher as well so, whether you are a seasoned artist or an aspiring one, there is fun for everyone!


Closing Date: August 31, 2016

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  • 31415926543141592654 Posts: 209

    Title: "Pirate Games - Where Everyone Loses an Eye"
    Render:  DS 4.9, OpenGL, 3delight, Iray
    Postwork: Layers compiled in Photoshop Elements 5.0

    1210 x 864 - 262K
  • Title: Downtown

    Rendered in Daz Studio 4.9 Iray

    Postwork in Gimp

    1800 x 1013 - 2M
  • soc_stigsoc_stig Posts: 105
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    Title: Hoth Mess

    Rendered in Iray; no post-work

    hoth mess.jpg
    700 x 560 - 261K
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  • AloreeaAloreea Posts: 285

    Title: From the Shadows

    Rendered with Daz Studio Iray



    From the Shadows.jpg
    1920 x 1080 - 279K
  • AloreeaAloreea Posts: 285

    Title: Beyond the Horizon

    Rendered with Daz Studio Iray

    Beyond the Horizon.jpg
    1920 x 1080 - 427K
  • Title: Which is better...

     rendered: Daz3d studio 3Delight

    1500 x 1125 - 1M
  • IceDragonArtIceDragonArt Posts: 11,437
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    Planet Fall

    Daz Studio Iray

    Planet Fall.png
    1186 x 1920 - 3M
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  • IceDragonArtIceDragonArt Posts: 11,437
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    Broken Heart

    Daz Studio Iray 4.9


    1186 x 948 - 2M
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  • dreamfarmerdreamfarmer Posts: 2,104
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    Unexpected Meeting

    Daz Studio Iray, with a bit of postwork in Photoshop

    Unexpected Meeting

    Unexpected Meeting.png
    2400 x 2276 - 3M
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  • OSArtOSArt Posts: 7
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    Street Girl

    Daz Studio 4.9, Iray, Photoshop.

    Street Girl.jpg
    3000 x 1688 - 952K
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  • Eye Beam

  • kanegskanegs Posts: 80

    Color-Temp Chasm

    DAZStudio 4.9
    No post work (rendered as PNG converted to JPEG)

    Color-Temp Chasm.jpg
    1920 x 1080 - 463K
  • isidornisidorn Posts: 1,460
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    Tactical Advantage

    DAZ Studio 4.9 Iray

    Rendered in two "halves" put together in MS Paint, with some additional postwork in Windows Photo Viewer

    In Beach Volleyball, it's a good tactic to wear as little clothing as possible, to not have heavy cloth weighing you down or restricting your movement. Although this is just a friendly game with a beachball, the girls clearly have the tactical advantage here.

    1920 x 1080 - 500K
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  • harrykimharrykim Posts: 220
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    Title:    ... failed

    handmade, no postwork, rendered in Iray



    3000 x 1920 - 3M
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  • Running the Shadows of Aztlan

    Daz Studio 4.9 Iray render, no postwork.



    850 x 300 - 465K
  • harrykimharrykim Posts: 220

    Planet Fall

    Daz Studio Iray

    So cool !

  • harrykimharrykim Posts: 220

    Unexpected Meeting

    Daz Studio Iray, with a bit of postwork in Photoshop

    Unexpected Meeting

    I´m your fan

  • HollokoHolloko Posts: 75
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    "I Told You You'd Shoot Your Eye Out!"

    Rendered in Daz Studio 4.9 3Delight

    Postwork in OnOne Photo Suite

    lost an eye pirate with sky.png
    1920 x 1080 - 3M
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  • Womp WompWomp Womp Posts: 936
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  • DefenistratDefenistrat Posts: 68
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    ...And Deploys the Military Grade Immobilizing Glue to Get It Back!

    Daz Studio, GIMP

    1920 x 1080 - 3M
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  • frank0314frank0314 Posts: 10,815

    Winners are:

    1st. Downtown by veeters2002


    2nd. Deploys Glue to Get It Back! by Defenistrat


    HM. I Told You You'd Shoot Your Eye Out! by Holloko


    Congratulations to the winners and a job well done by everyone. Winners will need to contact me by PM and give me a link to the pack you would like from OrestesGraphics

  • isidornisidorn Posts: 1,460

    Congratulations winners! Well done!

  • Congrats to the winners

  • Congratulations, guys!  You did awesome with those renders!

  • Congratulations to the winners, really impressive work!

  • nonesuch00nonesuch00 Posts: 9,751

    good job

  • Congrads winners!!!

  • DefenistratDefenistrat Posts: 68
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    Wow, thanks guys. Good job Veeters and Holloko.
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    Congrats everybody!

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