Once Upon a Time in Outer Space


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    wow - super look and mood

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    Wow, very cool. I like your staging; lighting, mood.
    TG, for Kevin MacCleod, eh. : )

    Couple notes, if you don't mind:

    Sound levels, sometimes your ambient track overwhelmed the actors lines.
    Obviously it was a perfect level when no one was speaking.

    Story flow, maybe this is what you meant by doodle but I got a bit lost bouncing from and to some of the locales.

    I'm not gonna piss all over what may have been as you say a sketch, it was still a fair amount of work and its clear
    you'll do more and auto-correct yourself as you go. I just thought I'd mention those two things in particular because I know that after working on something for a while on your own equipment its hard to know how first time viewers are perceiving it.

    I'm gonna go post something of my own now that has many many issues that I'm hoping people can just accept and appreciate the mov
    for what it is. Feel free to stop by and point out each and every issue. ; )


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