HELP! I have no idea how to use installed content

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I have purchased, downloaded and installed Victoria 4.2 for use on DAZ Studio 4.5. I have absolutely no idea how to use it. I try to load the figure, but I get bizarre error messages like How do I load the figure? I click on Victoria 4.2 on what I think is the content tab (there's nothing just called the "Content Tab", contrary to what all the video guides say, there's only Smart Content and Content Library), and I get this error message: This script is not intended to be run standalone. It is intended to be run as a result of loading an ExP enabled "Victoria 4" based figure from the Content tab (again, I'd love to know where this mythical Content tab is). Rename this file to match the name of the intended .cr2 to continue. I have no idea what this means. Similarly, there are icons with names like !All_Natural_BKN, and when I click those I get this message: Could not find file: V4SmplLimbsM.jpg.

I think I'm just going to uninstall and start over. I'm sorry if I sound like an idiot, but I would love it if someone could explain to me how to do something as simple as load base Victoria 4.2 step by step for dummies without referring to terms the software itself doesn't use, like "Content tab." Please do not refer me to the videos, they have been no help to me at all. I honestly have never encountered a more user-hostile piece of software in my life, and I would not have paid for any of this content had I known how incredibly difficult it would be to use the simplest functionality.


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    If you don't have metadata (the data behind the Smart Content Tab, which filters your content based on you selection in the scene) you need to use the Content Library Pane (if it is not visible open it with Window->Panes->Content Library) and look for V4.2 in Poser Formats->Figures->DAZ People.

    Alternatively you can download additional metadata and save it into My Lybrary\Support (you should have chosen the path in the installation dialog, default C:\Users\\Documents\DAZ 3D\Studio\My Library).

    Here are two different sets of metadata: chose ONE only (do not know the difference between the two)

    After that you will see Victoria 4.2 in the Smart Content Pane.

    For the texture issue. Have you installed the figure in \MyLibrary\ Correctly?

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    Hello zugabdu

    When you installed DAZ Studio 4.5, you should have also installed Genesis Starter Essentials with it, did you do that?

    Victoria 4 has been around now for a number of years, and is still a much used figure, with plenty of content for it. Most new users who have not been buyiing content for years, stick with the new Genesis figure, at least for a while. Genesis can be V4 or M4, Man, Woman or Child, a Gorilla or even Anubis.

    Any V4 clothing that you may have bought in the past will now fit to Genesis using the built in Autofit pluigin, and there are V4 and M4 shapes for Genesis, that make Genesis look like these previous models (and the clothing will usually fit using Autofit).

    It is always handy to know what version of DS4.5 you are running, Help > About DAZ Studio, the latest version is, and what Operating System you are using.


    I have just noticed that you have posted in the DAZ Discussion forum, but the New Users Forum may be a better place to ask your questions. If you post there, we can go through a step by step with you on how to load V4, or anything else for that matter,.

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