Hexagon crashing when selecting faces

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I've made a model, it's just slightly more than 7000 polygons so it's nothing too extensive but whenever I try to select faces on this model Hexagon crashes. I'm now at risk of losing this model completely if I can work on the faces. Any idea what's causing this problem?


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    There had been reports of that happening, but we could never find the cause. Then it happened to me and Afreaginname helped in analyzing the mesh and found it was caused by a twisted N-gon.

    If this is possible, try opening the file and with it selected - don't touch the mesh - go to top menu - selection->select-not-4-points-faces. If it does select a face or faces without crashing, go to top menu - utilities - triangulate N-gons.

    Then you can take a look at the facets that have been triangulated and fix them.

    Failing this, try exporting as an .obj opening in Daz Studio, then exporting from studio as .obj and importing that into Hex - that automatically triangulated the N-gon and fixed it for me:)

    BTW - it's a good idea to periodically go through those diagnostic tools at the bottom end of the selection menu to do an early identification of possible problems.

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    I'll definitely keep that in mind for next time.

    I tried to triangulate all the N-polygons but the software kept crashing. I ended up using decimate set at .9 and that did the trick.

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