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A while back someone asked for help setting up their 3D Connexion Space Navigator with Hexagon and I gave him some suggestions.
Here are the directions to making a custom setting for Hexagon on Windows 7 that I find work just great!

First install latest Hexagon and 3dconnexion software.

Now start Hexagon and go to Edit and click on Preference Editor.

Next you will go to User Interface and click on Misc.

Next you will check the tick next to Activate Space Mouse.

Next you will increase Rotation Speed & Translation Speed to 2.

Now hit the validate button.

If 3D mouse allows you to move around on Hexagon you have completed first step.

If the 3D mouse is not working in Hexagon make sure 3D mouse is lit up and redo all of first steps.
If Hexagon still will not recognize your 3D mouse simple shut off Hexagon and restart it this usally does the job!

!!!Important do not shut down Hexagon when you are working with 3D connexion control panel this is nessesary so every time you turn on Hexagon the panel will know to switch to custom settings!!!

Now we need to make a custom setting for Hexagon in your 3D connexion control panel.

First go to right hand bottom corner and left click little white triangle.

Next you will need to double click on the connexion control panel.

Next you will need to go to the second tab labeled App Configuration.

Next you will check the Dominant tick box.

Next you will Left click Options & Left click Save as give new setting the name Hexagon

Congrats you now have your 3D Connexion mouse working well with Hexagon.

Happy Modeling


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    That might have been me. Anyway - need hex again now - your guide worked a treat - thanks a lot!

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    Thank you. Worked for Windows 8.1 as well.

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