View pivot issues frustrating me.


I have a pivot issue that is causing me to pull my hair out. I suppose that I have inadvertantly fudged up a setting and now I can't figure out how to fix it... or how I messed it up in the first place.

I have a single object that I am working on in the middle of the working box area.  I hold the "alt" key and the left mouse button so that I can rotate my view around the object, but instead the object swings wildly out of view.  It appears that the rotation has been reset such that it centers exactly at the location of my view port ( or camera?).  I am convinced that I have clicked something that I would have preferred not to. Could someone help me since I seem to be unable to locate this bit of information on my own?




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    I have done the same thing in the past but cannot remember how I did it (old age). I've done a screen grab and highlighted the bits you can try. There is also a video CG Dreams has done where he explains navigation, I'll post a link when I find it :)

    Found it, here's the video -

    The Pivot option window opens when you right click on an object.

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    Thanks John.  I'm going to go see what I can do with it.

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    Sometimes the center of scene rotation can end up somewhere off of the 3D Workspace reference grid guides (working box area).

    You can reset the view by selecting "View all" or "View selection", from the View menu.

    Additionally, you can change the preferences to rotate the view around the selected object (Hexagon uses the terminology "dolly around"). This is my preferred setting.

    See the attached images for details.


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