Adding body parts to M3

I'm not sure if this is a re-post, but I'm trying to modify a M3 figure to have six fingers on each hand. Are there any tutorials out there that I can follow?
I use poser 2014 and windows 7pro



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    Without going into creating new geometry, the easiest way would be load 2 M3s, parenting the second to the body of the first.  you would then go the Heiarchy Editor and toggle off the visibility of everything for the second M3s one except the pinkie

    You would then apply the same materials and pose to each M3, then pose the second M3's pinkie.  It would be a bit cumbersome...


    ...I gave it a go; I unhid  the dials for the first M3's first pinkie jount and translated it 0.175"  in Z , and pulled  the outside of the second M3's hand a bit with the  morph brush after dialing in some side to side. (edit; I should add I increased the x scale of the actors of the first M3's pinkie by about 35% to lenghen it.)  It's not great, but it's sextidigital and it only took a few minutes.  smiley

    m3 six finger.jpg
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