Bryce 7.1 Pro - Vegetation

Bryce 7.1 Pro - Vegetation

  • $34.95
    • Bryce 7.1 Pro - Vegetation by: David BrinnenHoro, 3D Models by Daz 3D
    • $34.95
    Compatible Software: Bryce, Daz to Unity Bridge
    Install Types:
    DazCentral DIM Manual Install
    Compatible Software: Daz to Unity Bridge, Bryce
    Install Types: DazCentral DIM Manual Install
  • Details

    Bryce started as a 3D landscape software program and has evolved to the most versatile program. Time to remember its roots! Bare mountains and plains are charming; those with vegetation are even more so. Bryce has everything to create photo-realistic landscapes and alien worlds alike. A bit of imagination and thinking out of the box when using the labs is all that is needed, and this product is intended to trigger your imagination.

    There are resources in the form of material libraries, picture libraries, object libraries, an HDRI, example scene files and video tutorials that help create everything from wide sweeping landscapes, forests and potted plants. Warning: some materials are rather demanding on your system and you cannot always expect instant results. But then again, quality requires time.

    What's Included and Features

    • 24 Scene Files (.BR7 and .BMP)
      • 2 Objects Libraries (.OBP)
        • 10 plants, 10 eco system trees, 10 low bushes,
        • 5 pots to put the plants into,
        • 3 fences,
        • 1 sign.
      • 3 Materials Libraries (.MAT)
        • 30 materials for the wooden part of plants,
        • 30 materials for the foliage part of plants,
        • 20 materials for bark, for trees viewed close-up,
        • 20 materials for distant terrains with fields and villas.
      • 2 Picture Libraries (.LST)
        • 40 close-up tile-able bark pictures with displacement maps,
        • 10 tile-able grass and flower pictures with displacement maps.
      • 1 HDRI in 3 flavours
        • 1 low resolution 1280 pixel diameter angular map,
        • 1 high resolution 3840 pixel diameter angular map,
        • 1 specular convolved 800 pixel diameter angular map,
        • 1 QTVR interactive movie showing the scene in the HDRI in context.
      • 14 Videos totaling 2-3/4 hours
        • 8 videos dedicated to the scene files,
        • 6 videos discussing vegetation and the tree lab more generally.
      • 2 PDF generic documents
        • 1 where content belongs,
        • 1 how to swap an HDRI in an existing scene.
      • 1 Text file listing the folders and what's in them.


    • This product includes:
      • 2 Bryce Core Installers