Exploring the Latest Features in Daz Studio Public Build

Exploring the Latest Features in Daz Studio Public Build

We are excited to present a preview of the upcoming features in the 4.23 General Release, available now in the Daz Studio Public Build. This update introduces several enhancements designed to streamline Studio’s licensing and search functions. While these features are not yet in the General Release, you can try them now in the Public Build version – keep reading to learn how.

Now, here’s a detailed look at what’s new and how you can leverage these features to enhance your creative process.

Added Smart Content Pane Features

One of the significant updates in this release is the addition of the “Add License Tag(s)” action in the Smart Content pane. This new feature allows you to easily filter your products based on their licenses from the Daz 3D store. It’s important to note that tags are assigned to individual assets rather than products. Filtering by tags means filtering based on the tags of these assets. We offer an “Add License Tag(s)” action in the context menu for assets and products – so that you do not have to navigate away from where you are already working in order to retrieve your licenses. This action ensures that when you tag a product or an asset, all assets in the product inherit the tag, simplifying the process.

Here’s a closer look at what this feature offers:

  • Convenient Tagging: With a simple right-click, you can fetch license tags to products and assets. This feature requires login but does not require the ‘Update Metadata’ option, ensuring a consistent filtering experience across your entire workflow.
  •  These tags begin with the prefix “dzLicense_” and include:
    • Standard: Licensing for all products sold in the Daz Store, unless otherwise noted.
    • 3D Printing: Use Daz content to print and distribute 3D printed models.
    • Interactive: Use 3D models in an interactive way, like a game.
    • Editorial: Content with specific, non-commercial editorial use restrictions.
  • Tagging: When you tag a product, all user-facing assets within that product are automatically tagged based on the characteristics of the product licensing you purchased. Similarly, tagging an individual asset ensures all related assets within the product are tagged.

Integrated Filtering

The added tags are fully integrated into the Smart Content pane’s filtering functionality and the Content Library pane’s advanced search functionality. In the Smart Content pane, you can filter assets using these tags by entering them into the Files Page or Products Page Filter Field, prefixed by key::. In the Content Library pane, you can search for assets using the same tags, building a list of matching items. You can even stack them to refine your results.

Improved Content Library Pane

The Content Library pane has received a useful upgrade with the Advanced Search Type feature, allowing you to use advanced filtering syntax, such as key::, name::, group::, date::crd::, and date::upd::, in the Search Field.

  • Custom Actions: You can create custom actions for search results from the context menu for the Search DB+ container in the Content Library pane, providing quick access to frequently used search filters.
  • Convenient Clearing: The Search Bar now includes a clear (“X”) button, allowing you to quickly reset the search field when it contains a value.
  • Tag-Driven Searches: Clicking a tag on the Content Library > Information Panel > Tags Page now populates the Search Field and initiates a search if the Search Type is set to Database or Advanced. It will prompt you for which one to use if set to File.
  • Enhanced Search Containers: Search containers now provide tooltips with the search string and include a ‘Clear Search Results’ action in the context menu for easier management.
  • Improved Tree-Based Views: Tree-based container views now have added convenience actions in the context menu, including ‘Expand Selected’, ‘Expand from Selected’, ‘Collapse All’, ‘Collapse Selected’, and ‘Collapse from Selected’ for easier navigation.

custom actions

New Scene Dialog Enhancements

  • Integrated in New Scene Dialog: The Templates Page and Favorites Page in the New Scene dialog also provide the ‘Add License Tag(s)’ action for assets identified from the Daz 3D store. This feature requires login but does not require the ‘Update Metadata’ option, ensuring a consistent filtering experience across your entire workflow.

Documentation Convenience

  • Documentation Link: A direct link to the documentation explaining the Advanced Filtering syntax (for the Smart Content pane) is provided. Additionally, a ‘Show Documentation…’ action is now available in the Option Menu for various panes, including Install, Smart Content, Content Library, Draw Settings, Render Settings, Shader Mixer, and Measure Metrics.

Comprehensive Filtering

Filtering options have been extended and refined across various panes and settings. Filters can now be saved and managed independently for each page. These saved filters are accessible when viewing the contents of a product and various ‘Presets’ pages (e.g., Posing, Shaping, Surfaces, etc.).

How to Obtain the Latest BETA Version

Don’t want to wait for General Release and want to test these new features now? Get the Daz Studo Pro BETA. Learn how below:

If this is your first time downloading Daz Studio Pro BETA, follow this link, click “ADD TO CART,” and complete the checkout process.

If you already have the Daz Studio Pro BETA product in your account, launch Install Manager, log in, and type “DAZ Studio * Public Build” into the filter field. Download and install as usual.

*Note: Enable the “Public Build” filter in Install Manager to see PublicBuild packages in your Ready to Download list.

You can also download and install the BETA from the Product Library here. Log into your account, enter “DAZ Studio Pro BETA” in the text field at the top left, and click “Filter.” Then, click “DOWNLOAD & INSTALL.”

*Note: The BETA version of Daz Studio must be downloaded and installed using Install Manager and is not available as a standalone installer. This does not affect the General Release, which will be available through both Install Manager and as a standalone installer.

The Daz Studio update brings powerful tools to enhance your content management and streamline your creative process. By leveraging the new license system, advanced search features, and improved filtering options, you can quickly find the content you need, especially in large libraries or when looking for specific licenses like Editorial, 3D print, or Interactive, helping you avoid overlap with non-relevant products.

Stay tuned for more updates and continue exploring the endless possibilities with Daz Studio!

For a video tutorial breakdown of these new features plus some old useful ones, check out our Youtube!