UberSoft Lighting Kit

UberSoft Lighting Kit

  • $19.95
    • UberSoft Lighting Kit by: omnifreaker, 3D Models by Daz 3D
    • $19.95
    Install Types:
    • DazCentral DIM Manual Install
    Artist: omnifreaker
    Install Types: DazCentral DIM Manual Install
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    • Details

      UberSoft Lighting Kit is a revolutionary lighting kit that gives you the realism of IBL/GI while allowing the control of conventional lights. UberSoft Lighting Kit includes a lighting kit comprised of three new light types that work together allowing the user to paint and sculpt light in a very precise and controllable fashion. The rich feature set includes a Sky light, pseudo area-lights, incredible shadow controls and more.

      This Product has been updated to support DAZ Studio 4!

      What's Included and Features

      • This Bundle Includes:
        • Built in Skylight/Ambient controls with separate Zenith, Horizon, and Ground colors with adjustable Horizon Height.
        • Ambient Occlusion
        • Indirect Lighting (Global Illumination)
        • Directional Soft Shadows
        • Controllable Shadow Softness
        • Add up to 20 UberSoftLights with minimal effect on render times. Computationally expensive shadow is calculated once then used across all UberSoftLights.
        • Shadowing takes all UberSoftLights into account, and creates a single modulated, soft shadow.
        • UberSoftLights act as Fast Pseudo Area Lights with light Wrap and Wrap Falloff controls.
        • Unique single shadowing technique allows for Directional Lighting control which provides a blend between point (omnidirectional) and distant (directional) lights.
        • Per-light attenuation controls Online docs available at http://omnifreaker.com/index.php?title=UberSoftLightKit