The Complete Guide to Texturing Clothing - Part 3

The Complete Guide to Texturing Clothing - Part 3

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    • The Complete Guide to Texturing Clothing - Part 3 by: eshaCganDigital Art Live, 3D Models by Daz 3D
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      Texturing clothing made easy with this workshop!

      esha takes you through the complete procedure for texturing clothing in this professionally edited and indexed video tutorial.

      The series is presented in a workshop-like manner and esha has provided her working files for you to work along.

      The series is broken into ;fifteen Chapters, and this third part includes Chapters seven and eight, consisting of six sessions. Each session has been kept to an average running time of roughly 30 minutes in order to allow the student to absorb the material. At the end of each Chapter you'll find an assignment that will help you to review the information and put it into practice. If you work along with this course you'll have a finished texture project at the end of the workshop.

      This third part covers the topics "Lace" and "Structure". In the chapter on lace we'll discuss how to use transparency/opacity maps, how to turn a scan into a lace resource with a transparent background, how to fit the lace pattern into the template, how to design corner elements from a straight strip of lace, how to combine lace tiles and lace borders, how to construct additional decorations from lace parts and how to set up the transparency/opacity map. In the chapter on structure we'll cover the differences and particularities of normal, bump and displacement maps, when to use which, how to create those maps and how t combine them to get the result you want.

      The other parts of the series cover how to save out your own templates, how to turn scans or photos into seamlessly tiling base fabrics, how to design complex seamless overlay patterns, how to adjust a pattern to a template, how to fit borders along curved lines, how to set up your shaders for fabric, leather, knitwear, metal and gemstones, how to save out presets that perform several tasks in one go, and how to collect your files for zipping them up.

      If you';re serious about creating your own textures, either for yourself or to distribute professionally, this is the best resource you could find on the topic!

      All videos are fully indexed allowing you to jump to key points within the video and we've included a PDF file with hyperlinksto the videos allowing you to jump to a specific video as well as allowing you to keep notes of relevant time codes for your own reference.

      The scans and seamless patterns included in this part can be used as merchant resources for your own personal and commercial texturing projects!

      NOTE: The software used in this tutorial is Photoshop CS6, but many of the methods and techniques presented here will also be applicable to other software.

      This is one part of a bundle. If you purchase the bundle you get the complete workshop at a nice discount and on top of that you'll also get the Little Red Dress outfit for Genesis 8 Female(s) for free!

      What's Included and Features

      • The Complete Guide to Texturing Clothing - Part 3
      • Total Running Time: 3 hours and 25 minutes
        • Chapter 7 - Lace And Transparency
          • Session 15
            • Basics of transparency/opacity maps
            • Turning a scan into a lace resource on transparent background
            • Blending the lace with the base fabric
          • Session 16
            • Fitting lace into the template
            • Creating border corners from straight strips of lace
            • Combining lace tiles and borders
            • Cleaning up the template
          • Session 17
            • Filling in small details
            • Constructing additional decorations from lace parts
          • Session 18
            • Recoloring the lace
            • Creating the final transparency/opacity map
            • Using the maps in the Iray shader
        • Chapter 8 - Bump, Normal and Displacement Maps
          • Session 19
            • Basics of bump, normal and displacement maps
            • Texture size, color depth and file formats
            • Different tools for creating normal maps
            • Displacement in Iray
            • Combining maps
          • Session 20
            • Creating bump maps for the base fabric
            • Balancing the contrasts
            • Creating bump maps for lace
            • How to optimize and tweak a bump map
            • When you can use the color texture as a base for your bump and when you can't
      • Included Working Files:
        • Lace (psd file)
      • Included Resources (can be used as merchant resources)
        • Lace scan (png file)
        • Seamless lace with background (jpg file)
        • Seamless lace on transparent background (png file)
      • Additional Bonus
        • Photoshop actions for texture creation (CS6 and higher)


      • This product includes:
        • 3 General Installers