Thanks for downloading Daz Studio!

Installation of Daz Install Manager (DIM) should begin automatically.
DIM will then install Daz Studio and your free content.

What makes Daz 3D the best choice for 3D artists?

Drag and Drop

Take amazing 3D assets, combine them with your vision, and use Daz Studio's sliders and adjustments to make your unique renders.

Professional 3D Models

Daz 3D is the leader in cutting-edge 3D models created by artists worldwide. With thousands of 3D assets from characters to environments and props, your only limitation is your imagination.

Iray Rendering

Make reflective glass and twinkling eyes with IRAY rendering. Create photo-realistic images with genuine light simulation on environmental materials and textures.

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Great Prices

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Visit our store and browse over 30,000 premium 3D models for your 3D World, from alien artifacts to zebra poses

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After DIM is downloaded:

• Find the downloaded file.
• Open the file and complete the installation process.
• Read through the EULA (End User License Agreement).
If you accept, please check Accept & Agree

A login box will pop up:

• The email and password for DIM are the same as the email and password you set up during your Daz 3D registration.

Once you have logged into DIM, many items will begin to download automatically. Of those items, some are optional.


Once DIM & Daz Studio are installed, a shortcut for Daz Studio will automatically be created. The default location for this icon is /Applications/DAZ 3D/DAZStudio4 64-bit.


the default location for this icon is /Applications/DAZ 3D/DAZStudio4 64-bit.

A box will pop up prompting you to login. You may choose to do this, or simply click the x on the upper left to exit out of the login box, and use Daz Studio offline.

Once Hexagon is installed, a shortcut icon will automatically be created. The default location for this icon is /Applications/DAZ 3D/Hexagon2.

Double click the Hexagon icon.

A box will pop up prompting you to enter your Hexagon Serial Number. To locate your serial number, go to and below all the downloadable files you will see a line of text that says "To get your Hexagon serial number click here to get access to your account's serial numbers". Click the link.

You will see a 30 digit alpha/numeric serial number next to the Hexagon name. Highlight the serial number, click Ctrl+C (or right click your mouse button and select copy).

Go back to the Hexagon program and click your left mouse button in the serial number box and click Ctrl+V (or right click your mouse and select paste).

Click OK in the box.