Photoshoot Backgrounds

Photoshoot Backgrounds

  • $14.95
    • Photoshoot Backgrounds by: Dreamlight, 3D Models by Daz 3D
    • $14.95
    Compatible Software: Daz Studio 4.15
    Install Types:
    Artist: Dreamlight
    Compatible Software: Daz Studio 4.15
    Install Types: DazCentral Daz Connect DIM Manual Install
  • Details

    Hot girl, cool setting, shiny floor, lights ready for action... Your dream b/w photoshoot set is here! Load your favorite model, choose a background and render preset, aim the camera and hit render...

    Instantly add beautiful photo backgrounds with a realistic custom reflective Iray floor, gorgeous Iray lighting, and pre-framed camera ready to render "out of the box". Add your prop or character and hit render, postwork optional!

    • As Easy as Load, Add Your Character or Prop and Render
    • For b/w renders straight from Daz Studio Iray (Postwork optional)
    • Backgrounds / Render Presets Can Easily Be Changed at Any Time
    • 1 Matching Camera Preset Per Background
    • Info Icon Loads a Null Object With Info on the Step by Step Procedure Required to Change Backgrounds
    • All backgrounds can be rendered with full color, but will not look as good as the designed b/w render presets, since the entire concept / lighting/ camera framing is made with b/w (black and white) in mind

    Switch among the 4 backgrounds and have fun!

    What's Included and Features

    • This Bundle Includes:
      • Photoshoot Backgrounds (.DUF)
      • Background Plate Prop
      • Reflective Floor Prop
      • 4 Background Photos with custom matching Iray Lighting
        • Office Lobby
        • Training Room
        • Ball Room
        • Round Window Room
      • 4 Matching Iray Render Presets:
        • 1 Rim / Back Light on some of the Backgrounds
        • 1 Fill Light on some of the Backgrounds
      • Textures Include:
        • 6 Texture, Bump and Emissive Maps (1000 x 1000 up to 6000 x 3202)


    • This product includes:
      • 1 DSON Core Installer