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Use H2 Tag for Title

If you need a subtitle for your title please use the h6 tag

Every main page, or landing page where this styling is used should be wrapped in an article tag with the class .main_page_layout. This page styling should be used very sparingly!

The top section has no layout specifications and can be completely custom. After the first section each section should carry the class of .subsection coupled with either the .layout1, .layout2, or .layout3 class. Each of these layouts should contain a div with the classes .page_content & .row. Then, depending on the layout chosen a specific grid set-up should be followed.

Use H2 Tag for Title

Stand alone images should be entirely clipped out to optimize use of the image on both themes. The .png should be limited to no more than 400kb. These large .pngs should be very limited to circumvent large page downloads so use sparingly.

Background patterns should be transparent to utilize both themes. If a background color is specified then the text color needs to be specified as well.

Important: Contrast between these sections is good but do not make the contrast too high. It may be a different section but it is still the same page and it should feel like it.

Use H2 Tag for Title

We would like to impose a 600 character count limit to these sections. This will help standardization and consistency of style. These sections are intended to be introductory blurbs. If the information you want to get across takes more than 600 character then it probably deserves it's own page. For reference this complete blurb consists of 357 characters.

Layout Three

  • Is the most variable layout
  • Please limit it's use
  • to only one or two
  • times per page
  • H3 Tag

    This section should use the grid system with no more than four blocks across.

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    Layout 3

    .add_info_box div should contain an i tag, an h2 tag, a p tag, and a button.

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    Additional Info

    The button is optional however the other tags are not and need to be there.

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