40 Diffuse/Base Textures for the Gruggle-Monk-Tshirt

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The Gruggle-Monk-Tshirt can be found at Sharecg and in the comments there I have mentioned the link for Gruggles [by 3DUniverse] :-)

40 textures, I rather doubt everybody would want all of 'em, but if you do that's okay! They can be downloaded from my DA gallery one by one. I put the sharecg link in a comment on my Profile there.

AFAIK one can either use the Download link there, or keep clicking on the image, they are 4096 square, right-click and save as .png files.

The texture images may be used for commercial and/or non-commercial image renders.

btw - Gruggle is a legacy figure, it is to be found in the Poser runtime ;-)  When you make mat files in D/S, those must be kept in another folder under My Library but NOT in the runtime folders.

promo 1006.png
1000 x 1000 - 572K
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