Voting Thread -- Voting Has Now Closed!!

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Voting thread is now Open. No Discussion in this thread. Please use the Discussion Thread for all comments.

Survey Link via SurveyMonkey:

You will need to input your Daz 3d forum username in order to take the survey. Please only vote once. Once you've voted, post in the Discussion Thread that you've voted. The voting will be open for two weeks and close on January 29 at Daz midnight or GMT -7 hours.

Each entry has been given a random number below. Look through the thread, write down your favorties, and use those numbers to help make your choices on the survey. All entries shown are eligible for the main category. For additional voting, other categories are listed after the images in the last post.

Voting Thread:

1 Donut Shop Cop

2 Full of Stars

3 Thinking of You

4 Playtime’s Over

5 The Boardwalk

6 The Old Henderson Farm

7 The last of his kind

8 On the road

9 Is that you Benjamin? Come on over for this apple

10 Lake Dweller

11 Untitled Entry

12 The Guardian and Peter

13 Light up Night

14 Wildfire

15 The Crow

16 Scouting Mission

17 Commissary Rex, The KP K9

18 There be Dragons....

19 The Forest Guardian and the Fae

20 "No One Left Behind"

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