Custom Content Navigation Buttons

I read that you can create a script and set a button to it in the Content Pane, I believe.

My question is, is there a way to script the content navigation?  For example, if I am in a Content area for Gun Poses, and I want to then go over to the Props are to get the corresponding Gun, could I make a script to "jump" over to that Folder in the content pane?

(the gun pase etc, is not a real example...but just fabricated to explain what I am interested in finding out)

Basically, an icon that is a "shortcut" to another folder in the content pane.


  • Yes - have a look at the samples for Interactive Tutorials, which use scripts.

  • 3dOutlaw3dOutlaw Posts: 1,977

    Hi Richard, thanks for jumping in.  Do you mean, something like Slaying the Dragon Interactive Lesson for DAZ Studio 4.5+

    That has scripts that move you to another location in the content pane?

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    Forget it...I am going to put some serious effort into Categories.  I made the entire Daz Structure a Category, and now I will move the Poser stuff (which I have organized well) into that.

    So, is there a method to backup Categories so I don't lose them, one way or another? (since I am doing a lot of custom configuration in them)

  • Sorry, I was misremembering how the tutorials work. What I could have poiinted you to was for the Content Library pane.

  • 3dOutlaw3dOutlaw Posts: 1,977

    Ok, this worked like a champ (2 years later!)

    On that page you posted:

    1. Save the "Set_Content_Library_DAZ_Studio_Formats_Container.dsa"  to a "Favorites" folder in your content lib
    2. Double-click it to test (it should take you to the Genesis 3 Female folder)
    3. Open and edit the path in the last line (the default is "People/Genesis 3 Female") to whatever
    4. Rename it to something related (optional - make a thumbnail for it)
    5. Copy/Paste it
    6. Goto #3

    Necro-Thanks Richard!  cheeky yes

    (For ease of use, I am going to make a button via Custom actions to return me to the Favorites folder)

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