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With the new board, we needed a new Who list. So here's what I've found so far for the BBC's most magnificent "medicine man". Feel free to contribute as you please.
This list is now maintained on the Poser & D|S Freebies Wiki. 1 September 2014

The Doctor Appreciation Thread
The Dalek Appreciation Thread

*** DOCTOR WHO, and all associated products, are or represent properties copyrighted to the British Broadcasting Corp. and are exclusively for Non-Commercial Use Only except by the copyright owners.***

This list is so far exclusive to Poser or DAZ|Studio models and OBJ meshes: in other words, all items here can be used in D|S.

Doctor Who

Faces, friendly and otherwise
Tom Baker's Fourth Doctor, dialed face morphs for M3. Capsces' "Brom" also needed.
Eccleston's Ninth Doctor for H3 and Rose Tyler for A3
Tenth Doctor (David Tennant) for M4
Captain Jack for M4
Martha Jones for V4
Amy Pond for Genesis and again for Victoria 4.
Rose Tyler for V3. Bad Wolf NOT included.
Romana, from The Key to Time, Mary Tamm and Tom Baker, sixteenth season (1978 - 1979) story arc. For V4 with V4++ morphs.
Miss Sara Jane Smith for V4++ and BOOM nose system. (That last bit doesn't quite sound flattering, but it's a good morph.)

K-9 as a low-res prop, but easily riggable.
Another K-9 as a more detailed OBJ.

Silurian for V4
A possible "Silurian" morph for Genesis, unless you need Dr. Curt Connors from Marvel Comics instead.
Alpha Centauri
The Lady Cassandra
Redfern's Sontaran Morph preset for Freak3 (with F3 and M3 morph injections)

Dodger's Cyberman
Zikeo's Cyberdude, surfboard & shades sold seperately...
Cyberman Logos
Classic Cyberman helmet and breastpiece in OBJ format (high-res meshes). Registration Required.
The new, 2013-model Cyberman mask was taken down.

Time Lord fashion
A low-res scarf prop with multiple material zones.
A longer and more flexible scarf, though not explicitly for the Doctor., 3/4 of the way down the page.
Another style of Gallifreyan neckwear.
The bite-able boutonniere for the Fifth Doctor: a bit of celery.
Tenth Doctor's pinstripes

Simple black Dalek
Dodger's Dalek
New Paradigm Dalek (DS only)
MechMaster & SamTherapy's Second Empire lineup
BillyHome's NS Daleks
2005 Dalek
SamTherapy's newest Dalek, June '13
The Official Mechmaster Dalek download page. Davros' Chair is included. Check out the webcomic, too, while you're about it.
Dalek innards, biologic parts, and transmat pad
OBJ of a rather toonish Dalek
'88 Dalek Shuttlecraft
Dalek Voidship
Davros for the P4 Male; chair included
Davros preset for Capsces' Boris M2; face only
Davros' life-support chair

Time And Relative Dimensions In Space
The Genuine BBC Police Box, that really is bigger inside. DEAD LINK
Gerald Day's low-res TARDIS
Static OBJ good for background shots
The original police-box (pre-BBC style) in OBJ format
Mick Imrie's quality TARDIS, rigged by Bill Redfern
VanishingPoint TARDIS
Becco's TARDIS

A non-chameleoned TARDIS, or one of those low-rent SIDRATs, remote-controlled TARDIS-like contraptions explained here.
A classic TARDIS console room Floor and back walls only.
The library wall of the Console Room (8th Doctor)
9th and 10th Doctors' console room and console
The classic TARDIS console
The Fourth Doctor's alternate Console Room including console, entry, etc. Buggy in DAZ|Studio, works fine in Poser.
Spare rotor columns for the above console
Five Doctors' console
The McGann console, now in red.
The Rani's console
"The Lodger" timeship console
a generic, non-canon console
1970's Computer Mainframes by Aldemps, the perfect furniture for a classic TARDIS scene (inspired by the Master's TARDIS in "Time Monster", by the artist's admission).

The Sonic Toolbox
A recorder for the Second Doctor, with PoserPython MIDI scripts.
Classic sonic screwdriver
A more modern screwdriver
Tenth Doctor's screwdriver
The Master's laser screwdriver
Sonic Lipstick for Time Ladies and female companions
Psychic paper, almost infinitely useful
(Poser 7 fix for the last four items above)
The Cybermen's Gun (for Dodger's Cyberman)
The Pandorica
The Core of the Key to Time also served as a locator beacon for the scattered pieces.

Other Sets
Doomsday, including cybermen.
Cellar from 'Torchwood', part One, with conformers and props in part Two, to turn V4 into a half-Cyberman.
The Cardiff Torchwood office
The Cardiff Waterfront
The court for the "Trial of a Time Lord"
New Earth Hospital
The SpaceTime Vortex or just a dangerous Black Hole.
The Christmas Street, thanks to Mr. Sparky for this.

If you have any more, please post them here.

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