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So I finally have some free time again so i'll be posting freebies again. I'm going to empty my computer of the models I've made in roughly the last 4 years, which is alot lol. I made them for mmd models since that was the program I was using check out my mmd page here  - http://missmmd.deviantart.com/ - . I'm slowly converting them to fit the genesis models and will be making some new models as well.

I try to post new models everyday so check this post back soon or check my youtube channel.



Feel free to donate if you feel like supporting me, there is lovely content from the daz store that I'd like :)    /    Monique 7 looking at you girl.



Feel free to send me a gift card 


-------COMMERCIAL USE------

You are free to use these models as the base for your commercial produts, AS LONG AS you send me a download of the content you make to [email protected], so that I can test out your lovely creations. That's it. You are free to edit, recolor, add materials, and shaders, add morphs, whatever, as long as I get a copy of what you create. The payment for making the base for me will be seeing the final product and knowing I played a part in its creation.


-------- My Wishlist --------

Feel free to send me a  giftcard to buy any of the following.


- Credit if you want. It's not needed but it's nice. 

- Nothing too explicit or sexual

- Post any of your cool renders made with the items if you want.

- Have fun



///// How to use the transfer utility



///// How to use the transfer utility on models with hands down

///// How to smooth the outfit so skirts dont have harsh bends

Things you might need

- MissMMDDefaultPose  http://www.mediafire.com/file/ieycb1kbcsp0p1c/DefaultMissMMDPose.zip



DOWNLOAD - http://www.turbosquid.com/FullPreview/Index.cfm/ID/1098627




So I had a few hours free today so I made these lovely dresses. You will have to watch the tutorial on fitting non standard pose items to the model using the transfer utility  posted above to use them.

Download All Here




Heya folks some new freebies for today 6 new dresses

DOWNLOAD 6 New Dresses


For todays freebies you get some lovely sarrouel (harem) pants and some other wonderful dresses

DOWNLOAD 12 New Clothes


Some new cute outfits for you all, enjoy the raincoat



I hope you all love these outfits









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