3DA Jackie for G8F

3DA Jackie for G8F

  • $16.95
    • 3DA Jackie for G8F by: 3-D Arena, 3D Models by Daz 3D
    • $16.95
    Compatible Figures:
    Genesis 8 Female
    Compatible Software: Daz Studio 4.22
    Install Types:
    DazCentral Daz Connect DIM Manual Install
    Artist: 3-D Arena
    Compatible Figures: Genesis 8 Female
    Compatible Software: Daz Studio 4.22
    Install Types: DazCentral Daz Connect DIM Manual Install
  • Details

    Jackie by 3-D Arena is a versatile, new custom character for Genesis 8 Female. She's not perfect, a bit thicker and her brows are not as thin as some.

    Jackie includes her own thicker and a bit unruly Fibermesh eyebrows or you can use her painted brows, and a variety of options to work with various scene needs.

    Jackie's makeup is done via overlay options and she can be customized in a variety of ways with the LIE blush, liners, freckles and skin settings. Her makeup options can be used on other characters.

    Jackie includes a geoshell lipstick option. I chose to go this way as it allows you to lower the shell's opacity to create varying looks from a softer lipstick to a slight tinted lipgloss. For best results turn off the gloss on the character when using the Lipstick (an option for this is included).

    Also included is a geoshell lingerie created just for Jackie. This lingerie is an "Any Colour" option with an option to alter the overlay colours for accents. I have included *BONUS* "quick click colours" for these options, or you may select your own.

    !!! Please note that as Jackie is a slightly thicker character so you may need to adjust your poses accordingly. Certain poses may need the arms adjusted as they are thicker or the midsection adjusted as she has a little "poochy belly". !!!


    ☆ Included ☆

    • Jackie Character

    Shaping for Genesis 8 Female:

    • Jackie Custom Head Apply & Remove
    • Jackie Custom Body Apply & Remove

    • Custom Square Nails Apply & Remove
    • Custom Round Nails Apply & Remove
    • Custom Squoval Nails Apply & Remove

    • Custom Lash Morph (optional for use with Genesis 8 Default lashes)
    >> 03 Lash Length Settings

    • Nipples Apply & Remove
    >> 2 Nipple Strength settings

    • Custom Pubic Morph Apply & Remove

    MATS in IRay:

    • Full Skin MAT
    • Face w/Brows
    • Face w/No Brows
    • 2 Freckle L.I.E. options (full or head only)

    • 03 Fibermesh Brow Colour MATs
    • 02 Eyelash Styles in 3 Colours (total of 6 options)

    • 09 Makeup Options (includes an "any colour" option)
    >> 15 Bonus "quick click colour" options for the Anycolour eyeshadow - or choose your own
    • Add/Remove Glitter for Eyeshadows
    • 02 Eyeshadow Styles (lid or full)
    • 02 Eyeshadow softness options
    • 03 Eyeshadow strengths
    • Eyeshadow Remove

    • 09 Lipstick Options with glitter & without [for geoshell)
    • 03 Lipstick Normal settings
    • 03 Lipstick Strengths
    • 03 Lip Gloss Settings (without geoshell)
    • 02 Lips Normal settings (without geoshell)

    • 07 Blush L.I.E. options
    • 03 Eyeliner L.I.E. options

    • 12 Eye Colours
    • 03 Mapped Eye Reflections + default
    • 03 Sclera Options

    • 09 Nails Options + Nude (fingernail & toenail)

    • 03 Skin Shade Shine options
    • 03 Skin Tint options
    • 03 Translucency Options
    • Normals On & Off

    - Jocelyn’s Fibermesh Brows
    - Lipstick Geoshell
    - Lingerie Geoshell with 1 any colour/any accent option
    >> Bonus Quick Click Options for Lingerie
    >> >> 48 "any colour" options
    >> >> 42 "any overlay" options w/ 5 strength settings


    ♡♡ Thank You ♡♡