ZModeler : Powerful Surface Modeling for ZBrush

ZModeler : Powerful Surface Modeling for ZBrush

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    • ZModeler : Powerful Surface Modeling for ZBrush by: Digital Art Live, 3D Models by Daz 3D
    • $34.95
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    What is ZModeler, how does it work and why is it needed in ZBrush?

    The ZModeler is a brush within ZBrush containing a whole suite of poly-based modeling functions that generates a great variety of shapes. This brush is superb for low resolution modeling! It includes a unique snapping ability - easier to create holes, add edge loops...all the way to building your next awesome sci-fi spaceship or must-have prop.

    The ZModeler Brush alone contains most of the common functions found in 3D-modeling packages but also has a few smarter ones like the QMesh Action.

    Jessica Beaubien teaches you in this tutorial how ZModeler provides astonishing power for creating low resolution assets in ZBrush.

    Learn how to create precisely measured models

    Generate fast low poly models

    Crisp edged models

    Gain more edge and poly control during the modeling process. 

    The content rich tutorial pack includes a 2 hour video, 2 x PDF documents to give you step by step instructions plus over 100 brushes for ZBrush.

    Who is this class for?

    Beginners in ZBrush

    Those who are new to ZModeler

    Webinar Content

    How Jessica discovered ZBrush, ZModeler and how she overcame the BIG, BAD interface.

    Jessica will show and tell the proven power of ZModeler with three case studies.

    Case Study 1: Beautifully modeled jewellery : the Claddagh Ring

    Case Study 2: Sci-fi pod prop set

    Case Study 3: Hallway 0403 sci-fi styled set with locking door and greebled control panel

    With each case study, you'll uncover how to go from design to product, the inspirations for each.

    As you discover the creative process with these case studies you learn...

    1. The co-ordinate grid unpacked and explained

    2. Powerful tips for Polygon lines and polygon tools 

    Repeating specific depths (QMesh tool)

    Create solid hard line (Crease) reducing the polygon count

    Controlling the bevel on your edges

    Increase the polylines/polygons in a specific area

    3. Speed modeling tip : how to create holes and cutouts

    4. Mighty benefits : combining ZModeler with ZRemesher

    5. Dynamesh with ZModeler : How to overcome the trial and error of using these together

    6. Three ways to create greebles using the ZModeler QMesh tool

    7. Learn how to convert low poly hard based models to high poly count

    Software Requirements

    Recommend ZBrush version 2021 but earlier versions with ZModeler are fine.

    Please note that ZBrush Core does not include ZModeler so this webinar lesson cannot cater for ZBrush core users.

    About the Presenter : Jessica Beaubien (AKA Fain)

    I've been using ZBrush since 2011. I create most of my 3D art in DAZ Studio and I’ve used Poser before that. I use Zbrush for modeling props that I then utilize back in DAZ Studio.

    I love the sci-fi and fantasy genres, because they lets me play with futuristic technology! I think part of that stems from my background which is in aircraft maintenance. I've also spent many years on metalworking, jewellery and crafting. I certainly enjoy thinking about how things work, why they work and how they were made.

    What's Included and Features

    • Powerful Surface Modeling for ZBrush
      • Main ZModeler Tutorial MP4 file (1 hour and 54 minutes)
      • Greeble Creation Tutorial (PDF 11 page document)
      • ZModeler Tutorial (PDF 53 page document)
      • IMM 31 brush pack of Greebles
      • IMM hardware realism 79 brush pack : including screws, nuts, bolts, fasteners and similar.
      • Bonus tutorial : going a little deeper with ZModeler


    • This product includes:
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