Install Manager

Daz Install Manager (DIM)

is a tool used to manage the content you purchase from Daz 3D. DIM shows your content files and allows you to choose which files to download/install.

NOTE = You can also access all your downloadable products and content from the Product Library
Install Manager

Follow: the steps below to install DIM

Step 1 If you don't have DAZ Studio get it now, so that Install Manager can put your content into it (also works with Poser).

Step 2 After downloading DIM, please read the EULA. If you agree to the terms, click accept and follow the prompts until you come to the login screen.

Step 3 Enter in your user name and password. which will be your email and password you setup at Forgot password?

Step 4 Under "Ready to Download" click the checkbox next to what you would like to install, then click the green button on the bottom left that says, "Start Queue"

Step 5Don't see the content you want to nstall in the "Ready to Download" pane? Check the "Installed" pane in DIM to see if it already installed. If you do not see it there, check the "Ready to Install" pane. If it is there, simply click install to finish the process. Daz Studio


Watch: How to install Daz Install Manager (DIM)

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