MCS Mega Bundle

MCS Mega Bundle

  • $100.00
    • $100.00
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    Install Types:
    • Manual Install
    Compatible Figures:
    Compatible Software:
    Install Types:
    • Manual Install
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    All the amazing MCS content is now at your fingertips. Access more than 180 assets that can be modified and exported with the recently released MCS open source code. You’ll find figures, clothing, props, hair styles, environments, and more. Download the entire bundle or your preferred pieces.

    New to MCS? Check out the project on GitHub.

    This product is compatible with Unity. The provided product packages are in .unitypackage format.

    This product also includes the Interactive License for no additional cost.

    What's Included and Features

    • MCS Mega Bundle (.unitypackage)
      • MCS Male: Starship Crew
      • MCS Female: Gone Girl
      • MCS Female: Sleepy Nights
      • MCS Female: First Date
      • MCS Male: Sci-Fi Bundle 01
      • MCS Male: Casual Shorts
      • MCS Female: GoGo Dress
      • MCS Female: Country Girl
      • MCS Male: Relaxed Night
      • MCS Male: Midnight Rogue
      • MCS Male: Espionage
      • MCS Female: Summer Trend Outfit
      • MCS Female: Ciao Bella Outfit
      • MCS Male: Urban Metro Outfit
      • MCS Male and Female: Content Package
      • MCS Male: Knight of the Wolf
      • MCS Female: Sunny Summer Day Outfit
      • MCS Male: Summerwear Outfit
      • MCS Male: Laid Back Outfit
      • MCS Female: Ranger
      • MCS Male: Leather Style Outfit
      • MCS Male: Fashions After 5
      • MCS Male: Rugby Uniform
      • MCS Male: Rainstorm Outfit
      • MCS Female: Elven Bard
      • MCS Male: Arabian Prince Outfit
      • MCS Male: Casual Style Outfit
      • MCS Male: Peasant Outfit
      • MCS Female: Relaxed Sunday Outfit
      • MCS Male: Huntsman Outfit
      • MCS Female: Moto Racer
      • MCS Female: SwimWear Outfit
      • MCS Male: Interstellar Patrol Outfit
      • MCS Male: Elven Prince Outfit
      • MCS Male: Dragoh Outfit
      • MCS Male: Slacker Outfit
      • MCS Male: Sophisticate Outfit
      • MCS Male: Wave Breakers Outfit
      • MCS Female: Paladin of Light
      • MCS Female: Land Walker Outfit
      • MCS Female: Tropical Swimwear
      • MCS Male: Casual Winter Outfit
      • MCS Male: MMA Fighter
      • MCS Male: Patient Gown Set
      • MCS Male: Run With It Outfit
      • MCS Male: Eternal Desert Warrior Outfit
      • MCS Female: Salvage Scout
      • MCS Male: Everyday Casual Outfit
      • MCS Male: Space Corps Outfit
      • MCS Female: Ailmer Outfit
      • MCS Female: Fitness Trainer
      • MCS Female: Alloy Fusion Outfit
      • MCS Male: Casual Heat Outfit
      • MCS Male: Space Merc Outfit
      • MCS Female: Betty Outfit
      • MCS Male: Sherwood Hunter Outfit
      • MCS Male: Hip Hop Outfit
      • MCS Male: Retro Future Hero
      • MCS Male: Outlander Monk Outfit
      • MCS Female: Mercurial Guardian Outfit
      • MCS Female: Autumn Chic Outfit
      • MCS Female: Assassin
      • MCS Female: Eclipse Outfit
      • MCS Male: Galactic Armor
      • MCS Female: Sci-Fi Saboteur
      • MCS Male: Medieval Prince
      • MCS Male: Cyber Soldier
      • MCS Male: Greek God Outfit
      • MCS Male: Fighting Monk Outfit
      • MCS Female: Cat Burglar
      • MCS Male: Mercurial Guardian Outfit
      • MCS Male: Biker Bandit Outfit
      • MCS Male: Prince of Sands Outfit
      • MCS Female: Espionage
      • MCS Female: Trend Setter Outfit
      • MCS Male: Bad Boy Outfit
      • MCS Male: Wolf King Outfit
      • MCS Male: Vintage Boxing Manager Outfit
      • MCS Male: Swimsuit
      • MCS Male: Ship Captain Outfit
      • MCS Female: Spy Bodysuits Bundle
      • MCS Female: Umbris Outfit
      • MCS Male: Suneko Outfit
      • MCS Male: Firefighter Uniform
      • MCS Male: Heavy Barbarian Outfit
      • MCS Female: Jersey Girl
      • MCS Female: Stewardess Outfit
      • MCS Male: Ice Bandit Outfit
      • MCS Male: Cowboy Outfit
      • MCS Male: Light Foot Soldier Outfit
      • MCS Male: Martial Arts Sensei
      • MCS Male: Egyptian Armor
      • MCS Male: Explorer Suit
      • MCS Female: Medical Scrubs Outfit
      • MCS Male: Law Enforcement Outfit
      • MCS Female: Retail Outfit
      • MCS Male: Urban Enforcer
      • MCS Female: Urban Rogue Outfit
      • MCS Male: Street Cred Outfit
      • MCS Male: Thracian Gladiator Outfit
      • MCS Female: RPG Fantasy Pack
      • MCS Male: RPG Fantasy Pack
      • MCS Male: Post-Apocalyptic Bundle
      • MCS Female: Post-Apocalypse Bundle
      • MCS Male and MCS Female: RPG Elf Outfits
      • MCS Male: Medieval Life Bundle
      • MCS Male and MCS Female: Wild West Bundle
      • MCS Female: Blood Samurai
      • MCS Male and MCS Female: Nightstalkers Bundle
      • MCS Male: Wasteland Wanderer
      • MCS Female: Wasteland Warrior
      • MCS Female: Elven Sentinel
      • MCS Male: Old World Knight
      • MCS Female: Vamptress of the Night
      • MCS Male: Vampire King
      • MCS Female: Starship Crew
      • MCS Male: Personal Trainer
      • MCS Male: Trendy Teen
      • MCS Female: Victorian Lady
      • MCS Male: Victorian Gentleman
      • Minotaur
      • Reptilian
      • Undead Fiend
      • Skullcrusher Ogre
      • Underground Battle Arena
      • MMA Arena
      • MCS Male: Hair Pack 1
      • MCS Male: Hair Pack 2
      • MCS Female: Sci-Fi Bundle 01
      • MCS Female: Hair Pack 1
      • MCS Female: Hair Pack 2
      • MCS Female: Hair Pack 3
      • MCS Male: Vintage Soldier
      • MCS Male: Urban Officer
      • MCS Male: Mounted Police Officer
      • MCS Male: Desert Soldier
      • MCS Male: Army Officer
      • MCS Male: Uniform Pack
      • MCS Male: Army Soldier
      • MCS Male: Wood Elf Scout
      • MCS Female: Army Trooper
      • Infernal Behemoth
      • Troll
      • MCS Male: Vintage Aviator
      • MCS Female: Steampunk Aviator
      • MCS Male: Beast Warrior
      • MCS Female: Clan Defender
      • Stickman
      • Castle Dungeon
      • MCS Male: Salamis Mercenary
      • MCS Male: Space Marine
      • MCS Female: Legion Fighter
      • MCS Male: Western Outlaw
      • MCS Female: Gunslinger
      • Toon Alien
      • MCS Male: Fire Guard
      • MCS Female: Fire Lilly
      • War-Torn City Street
      • Urban Wasteland
      • Fantasy Courtyard
      • Greek Arena
      • MCS Male: Outpost Mercenary
      • MCS Male: Bowtie Beau
      • MCS Female: Vintage Cover Model
      • MCS Male: Shadow Man
      • MCS Female: Voodoo Queen
      • MCS Male: Lawless Survivor
      • MCS Female: Deadland Survivor
      • MCS Male: Knight Guard
      • MCS Female: Lady of War
      • Minotaur Animations
      • MCS Male: Suave Gentleman
      • MCS Male: Retro Space Suit
      • MCS Female: Party Girl
      • MCS Male: Clan Raider
      • MCS Female: Nomad Huntress
      • MCS Male: Chill Hotshot
      • MCS Fem Asianhrs - Unity Asset Package
      • MCS Male: Wolf King <>
      • MCS Female: Mythbell Heroine
      • MCS Female: Vogue Heiress
      • MCS Male: Vampire Hunter Outfit


    • This product includes:
      • 182 Unity Package Installers

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