Michael is back and more versatile than ever
with the ultra-advanced features of Genesis 9.

Get the Michael 9 HD Fantasy Mega Bundle
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Fantasy Mega Bundle

Dream up the ultimate sci-fi or fantasy storyline as a space explorer, stealthy assassin, or renowned captain

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    MICHAEL [9] HD

    Intro Bundle

    Quest for glory in an immersive medieval fantasy world

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      MICHAEL [9] HD

      Action Bundle

      Dive into the action with a collection
      of dystopian sci-fi goodness

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        MICHAEL [9] HD


        Add the finishing touches to your Michael 9 HD
        scenes with this sharp set of add-ons

          The Many Faces of Michael 9

          Any Skin

          Soft and supple or toned and rugged, create a unique look for Michael 9 HD with any Genesis 9 skin type. Want Michael 9 with Victoria 9’s skin? You got it.

          Any Shape

          Any shape, any size — Genesis 9 gives you the tools to mold Michael 9 HD to fit your story. Explore endless possibilities and create your ideal character.

          All Things Genesis 9

          Give your Genesis 9 collection a boost with over 150 must-see Items!

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