Supplemental Page Wireframe

Use H2 Tag for Title

If you need subtext for a title use the H6 tag

All secondary pages should be surrounded with the class .secondary_page_layout. The first item in this page should be a page title which should look like the following:

<div class="p_t_3"><span class="page-title"><h1><i class="fd fd-compass"></i>Secondary Page Wireframe</h1></span></div>

Following the title should be two nested divs. The first carries the classes .row & .self-clearing. The second carries the classes .one-half & column. The sections (with the class of .subsection) all exist within those divs.

If you don't need Subtitles

or subsections, don't use them

Each .subsection should be split up by an hr tag. The supplemental page does not have different layout styling because everything should be uniform. Text content should be all left aligned and only presented in the before mentioned hierarchy. The right side of this page should be used for an image (either stand alone or a bg). Images must be either entirely clipped out or faded out.

There is no character count limitation for supplemental pages.

The only alternative to the text styling of this page is if you choose to use Additional Information boxes. If you use this please limit the information to a grid of one or two across.

H2 Tag

This section should use the grid system with no more than four blocks across.

Layout 3

.add_info_box div should contain an i tag, an h2 tag, a p tag, and a button.