HAIR : Community Workshop Tutorial

HAIR : Community Workshop Tutorial

  • $21.95
    • HAIR : Community Workshop Tutorial by: Digital Art Live, 3D Models by Daz 3D
    • $21.95
    Compatible Software: Daz Studio 4.16
    Install Types:
    DazCentral DIM Manual Install
    Compatible Software: Daz Studio 4.16
    Install Types: DazCentral DIM Manual Install
  • Details

    Just as in real life, in the virtual world of DAZ Studio you can cut, shape, accessorize and shape hair. Good hair can add an unprecedented level of realism to your character renders.

    It's easy though to have a "bad hair day" with your character!

    Have you struggled with:-

    • Using older hair on newer figures?
    • Understanding the hair varieties in DAZ with the pros and cons of each?
    • Flat looking hair when using Iray?
    • Using Octane render for hair rendering?
    • Making hair looking softer and more natural?
    • dForce hair?
    • Mixing hair products?
    • Fibremesh hair?

    In this webinar recording of a community workshop we brought together the collective minds of DAZ Studio artists to share artwork, recommended content, resources and valuable tips on hair

    This includes a bonus introductory tutorial session by published artist Arki  for creating complex strand based hair and hair accessories (See the separate full product "Complex Hair Creation Tutorials Bundle")

    Product image credits : Volta Hair and Beard by AprilYSH and Laticis

    What's Included and Features

    • HAIR : Community Workshop Tutorial
      • Contains:
        • Main tutorial (1 hour and 16 minutes)
        • Bonus video : Introductory session on Arki's strand hair creation course (1 hour 17 minutes)
      • Main Tutorial Time Index
        • 00:00 Introduction
        • Trevor Hancock
          • 00:01 Using a V4 hair product "Silver Moon" and applying UHT hair Iray shaders by SloshWerks on G8 female.
          • 00:06 UHT fantasy colours
          • 00:08 How to apply the UHT hair shader
        • Bob Keck
          • 00:10 Galactic Empress Hair for G8 female by Divamakeup/Lynara
          • 00:15 Red haired character using mixing realism and abstract
          • 00:16 Do some products have hair mirrored?
        • Bee
          • 00:18 How you can improve on thin or flat hair caused by Iray shaders?
          • 00:19 Demonstration with Varun hair (DAZ Original/3DCelebrity) and Heath hair (AprilYSH)
          • 00:23 How to use older hair on newer figures G3 to G8 (shorter hair)
          • 00:26 G3 to G8 Longer hair
          • 00:31 V4 and M4 head size compared to Genesis generation
          • 00:33 Considering mixing two different hair styles
        • Tugpsx
          • 00:38 Learning from older artwork and products : painted hair
          • 00:41 Using an older character/hair product with the Octane render and Shader Map pro
          • 00:42 Fuller look generated by Octane
          • 00:45 Real time rendering with Octane example
          • 00:46 Where to gain the Octane plugin.
          • 00:51 Fibremesh hair disadvantages
          • 00:53 Applying new techniques to older products
          • 00:54 About the NIC collection plugins for Affinity/Photoshop
          • 00:58 NIC filters applied to hair artwork
        • Midnight Stories
          • 00:59 Strand based fur tip.
        • Surgy
          • 01:01 G8 - photorealistic hair
          • 01:03 dForce enabled hair and simulation issues
          • 01:06 Clumping together issue with dForce
        • Ryan
          • 01:08 How to make hair look softer and more natural
        • Crystal
          • 01:10 Base hair cap issue : black tracks on the face
          • 01:11 Bee shows how to solve this issue.


    • This product includes:
      • 1 DSON Core Installer