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  • Thank you, your stuff is always nice.

    You're welcome and thank you too :-)

    With some matters coming together nicely, I am replanning the work for a .pdf tutorial and some goodies :-) Not likely this week but hopefully sometime this month.

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    Here goes :-)

    Texturing Aids for Making HD Textures

    Zip includes the .pdf tutorial as well as the V4 texturing aid that I initially made using the Blender plugin, remapping it manually [yeah, that's fun] in Hexagon. It is the texturing aid from which I made the "pimples" displayed further back in this thread.

    n.b. the release of this derivative mesh is being done WITH permission so it would be a good idea not to tick me off.

    In the tutorial I go over some of the various steps a few times as apparently the working concept of this topic was very new to some. I think by the end of the tutorial everybody can see why such texturing aids are of value.

    I did not cover how to make the excess border mesh in the tutorial. If one wants that, basically extract out a new border of mesh but do NOT remake the uvmap. On the uvmap, select that new line of mesh and pull it outwards away from the figure. Given the shape of the uvsets, this will have mesh outside of the borders so such is only going to hold colour. The included Face Texturing aid for V4 HAS such a border of mesh. Do NOT export that from Daz Studio as it will "fix" the uvset and it will not be usable then.

    Texturing Aids for Making HD Textures Promo.png
    595 x 842 - 826K
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    My goodness - I just found this wonderful set of tutorials from a link in the HeadShop 13 thread - Thank you so very much 

  • arbee999 said:

    My goodness - I just found this wonderful set of tutorials from a link in the HeadShop 13 thread - Thank you so very much 

    You're quite welcome, enjoy :-)

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    _ and how about Aiko 5 _ would this aid with A5 ? Thanx ~

  • ed3D said:

    _ and how about Aiko 5 _ would this aid with A5 ? Thanx ~

    Technically speaking, yes - should be able to help any figure to have more details for their texture maps. Just be sure to apply any alternate UVmaps to the figure before exporting out the .obj files.

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    ~ alrite then , thanx  _

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  • Very nice. Thank you very much.

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    HU for those that might like a rigging project: Free atm Spuggles!

    Do NOT load the Spuggles - it will likely crash D/S. But if you have the Tools utility, you can get the .obj file.

    Import that into D/S, export out using Carrara settings WITH groups selected ... clear scene, in the Figure setup import in that .obj file. Groups are there!

    Have fun rigging :-)


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    Time for a new tutorial :-) 

    Using Texture Atlas in Daz Studio. n.b. I'm not using the latest edition of D/S so the interface may appear to be slightly different.

    Texture Atlas is easy to use. As it is used mainly [AFAIK] for game models it's not something I make much use of. It can also be useful though for background figures as one can have all their textures put on to one image sheet, and made smaller. Remember though, the smaller the image the less amount of detail it can provide.

    It's rather hard to proof read one's own work so if there be a glaring mistake, typo, whatever, drop me a PM.

    eta: Reminder - the Genesis 3 and 8 figures require having a collapsed uvset used on them before running Texture Atlas. Applying a 3Delight type shader will complete the transition back to the older type models which TA was first ever made to work with.

    Using Texture Atlas.zip
    Using Texture Atlas promo.png
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  • Came across a working link to obtain the utility for making ies profiles ... and it was hidden right here in the forums!!! So am posting it here so I can find it again ;-)   This is a download link, ies_gen3.exe.  It and other links related to ies profiles are in this thread: click here.

    ies_gen3 appears to work just fine on W10 :-)

    When making the prop [a plane, a sphere, etc.] to be the light, the secret to getting it to work is apparently to rotate the prop around. Cannot zero the prop size if a light is desired however can almost zero out the opacity, load another prop [i.e. the lamp prop] and then render out some neat light effects.

    Images show the same light sphere with various rotations. The sphere is 1/2 way through the wall. The utility is very easy to use. Adjust the graph and save out the profile. It is run from the .exe file - no installation. So if one doesn't want it, just delete it.

    001 click on graph have fun.png
    812 x 542 - 64K
    001 without.png
    1600 x 860 - 452K
    002 with.png
    1600 x 860 - 461K
    1600 x 860 - 454K
    1600 x 860 - 461K
    005 rotate prop around.png
    1600 x 860 - 440K
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